Themes and Therapy

Themes and Therapy is a book of positive and inspirational poetry describing a journey taken by the author from depession to her recovery into mental health. Her true to life experiences from childhood abuse,treatment and therapy to positive thinking and recovery are described in poetic detail throughout her journey as a means of demonstrating that poetry itself can be a useful form of therapy. When used as a guide to others Themes and Therapy although written about a serious subject provides an often amusing and inspiring insight into the emotions and events experienced by the author enabling anyone to look upon the lighter side of life and to think positive in a bid to overcome their difficulties. Consequently it is hoped that Themes and Therapy will inspire and convince others that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there is indeed a way out of depression as demonstrated by the author in the form of poetic verse.
ISBN: 9781908895998
Type: Paperback
Pages: 56
Published: 10 February 2012
Price: $6.49