There's a Man in My Merlot!

Only four miserly years from forty, all Casey Jinks has to show for her thirty-six years is a non-messy divorce, three boys, a flea-ridden mongrel and an amputee cat. Add an overdraft, a rusty Toyota past its 'sell by' date and no love life worth mentioning and you have the picture. A change of job offers a promising start, but the leap from humdrum PA to Home Building Consultant is more than Casey bargained for. Tossed into a maelstrom of complex calculations when she'd barely scraped through arithmetic at primary level, she is tempted to pack it in - but failure is no longer an option. The last thing she needs is to land Dr Joe Westbrook's deal, when she's never forgotten her first mortifying encounter with him eighteen years before. Seemingly, neither has he.
ISBN: 9781908481856
Type: Paperback
Pages: 214
Published: 4 July 2012
Price: $12.65