Thick Skin

Danny Brant has been pursuing Hannah for weeks, and tonight they’re finally going on their first date. What should have been a day spent in nervous anticipation for the evenings events, turns into a nightmare as he balances work with coming to the aide of his family in their hour of need - his brother has upset the college nutcase and his father has been fired after a drunken kiss with his employer's wife. After a tough day, he finally goes on his date. It couldn’t be going better for him, at least until a friend calls in need of assistance after a drug deal goes wrong. Danny’s loyalty to his friends is as strong as it is to his family, and he doesn’t hesitate to help. This sparks the beginning of an even more eventful rollercoaster ride, but with chilling consequences. By the following morning, an unbearable twenty four hours have taken their toll and Danny is a changed man. The psychological scars and the blood on his hands have left him with thicker skin, but more importantly a sense of purpose. Danny recounts in his own words an unbelievable day that will live on in memory for the rest of his life…
ISBN: 9781786105936
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 252
Published: 21 December 2015
Price: $19.45

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