This Son of York

The biggest killer in history returns to modern-day York…and it's looking for victims. A 14th Century corpse is unearthed by archaeology students Matt Walsh and John Simister. It brings with it a punishing legacy. Having lain dormant underground for hundreds of years, the plague is awakened and grows stronger than ever. Once set free, it never sleeps and it takes no prisoners. Science released York's new Black Death. The doctors, the police and the army can't stop it. Only one man can fight the mutated plague. To achieve victory over it, he must escape the clutches of crazed vigilantes, hell bent on executing him in the name of humanity. He must then survive two nightmare journeys to salvation. The thriller novel This Son of York gives an uncompromising portrayal of modern-day York's trial by pestilence. The accuracy of detail within the book is as uncompromising and as unrelenting as the story being told. Will York ever return to normality? The answer lies in This Son Of York's gritty narrative.
ISBN: 9781782991564
Type: Paperback
Pages: 275
Published: 6 February 2013
Price: $12.95