This planet is crazy

When Emperor Dredwar ruler of distant hostile planet Zorbex 9 sends young teenager FX327 to spy on planet Earth after he accidently broke the tyrants most valued procession the infamous 'Spymascope'(antique instrument used for spying on new planets just waiting to be conquered) who knows what will lie in store for him? Armed with only an SPD (solar powered diary) the young alien is dumped at Hyde Park in the still of the night. His orders are to blend in and log all useful information into the SPD, then one year later he'll be taken back to Zorbex 9.Emperor Dredwar will then prepare his army for total annihilation of planet Earth or hopefully pick on someone else! FX327 is soon befriended by Harvey Bradshaw who provides a home, where FX327 adopts the name Felix Matilda. He spends the first two weeks exploring the vast city known locally as London. Life is just one long adventure until he's sent to begin an even greater! There Felix makes a best friend of Morgan Evans a Welsh boy along with pals Mally, PB, Jonesy and Briggs. Life never stands still. Felix discovers television, football, skateboards, music, the midget people and a wonderful thing called Facebook but also a mysterious phenomena called...girls! Oh and God lives in the flat above his. School life rolls on until something really fantastic happens...summer break where Felix holidays in Wales with Morgan. back in the new term a new girl, Penny Oakwood stirs u strange and new emotions in Felix that he never knew existed. He experiences Halloween & Bonfire Night which are fantastic but difficult challenges he has to endure. Samantha Carson then enters his life. Felix and the gang have some great capers at the ice rink. Later in the adventure he is involved in the formation of a school rock band 'Tattooed Dragon', performing with them in the 'Battle of the Bands' competition. This is a dream come true for Felix, if only Fiona Collins would just leave him alone. Having got through Christmas without being massacred by the killer Christmas trees Felix discovers snow, is this the start of the new ice age? Next to make matters even worse, Valentines Day comes along(what's all that about?) and who is it that's stalking Felix? Leaving notes on his front door? After learning the true meaning of Easter (chocolate and bunnies) Felix's departure from Earth is getting closer but he's in a dilemma should he return to Zorbex 9 with the SPD full of information and let Dredwar annihilate this planet which has been his home for the last twelve months? Or should he stay and help Harvey who is experiencing his darkest hours? Also what about Penny Oakwood? What of Morgan the traitor? (Who would have guessed?) The odds are in the balance, think Matilda, think. Whatever he decide though there's no escaping that......this planet is crazy!
ISBN: 9781788762441
Type: Paperback
Pages: 208
Published: 20 November 2018
Price: $12.65

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