Toby Smith and the Fifth Element

Toby Smith is an eleven year old schoolboy, who is very intelligent and has the ability to repair things. Not aware that the new headmistress is an alien assassin, he soon finds his world in chaos. After a burglar tries to steal gets an old clock he's repaired, he's pulled through it and transported to a different world. Here, he meets a shape changing sandman, who takes him to see the custodian of the Universe, hoping he can help him get back home. Instead, the custodian asks him to collect four elements to repair an ancient machine which keeps celetial bodies in orbit and opens portals between worlds. Element one is the purest earth, which is made by an ogre that squishes people with his club. Element two is air from the eye of the fastest spinning tornado known. Element three is water from the fountain of Zurs, which is guarded by a demon. Element four is fire from the last living dragon. As he embarks on his quest reluctantly with the sandman, he's unaware that he's being hunted by the Stinger queen, an giant wasp that wants to rule the Universe. Can this baby faced child overcome numerous trials and save humanity? Or will evil defeat good and plunge the Universe into the pits of despair. Children who have read this nerve jangling epic have said that it is an amazing story. Follow this schoolboy hero Toby on his all action adventure into strange worlds and meet bizarre animals. This fast-paced book will leave you breathless and desperate to turn the next page.
ISBN: 9781788769679
Type: Paperback
Pages: 256
Published: 23 August 2019
Price: $12.95