Torchlight In Berlin

‘Torchlight in Berlin’ is the second book in the Dmitri Romanov adventure-thriller series. It’s 1933, and Hitler has just become chancellor of Germany. Prince Dmitri Romanov, a playboy and member of the exiled Russian royal family, is encouraged by his father to go to Berlin to help his childhood friend, Pasha, who has become an enemy of the Nazis. Once in Berlin, Dmitri is asked by both the French secret service and a Chinese Triad gang to steal a file containing information which could stop the rise of Hitler. The playboy prince has to feign sympathy with the Nazi beliefs he despises, not just to secure access to the file and save Europe from a dangerous regime, but to rescue his friends from the horrors of a new German Reich. Old communist enemies become unlikely bedfellows, and those Dmitri trusts betray him, as he tries to escape Gestapo torturers for the safety of Paris.
ISBN: 9781839459481
Type: Paperback
Pages: 252
Published: 17 May 2021
Price: $12.95

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