Travelling Light

From a wide-eyed teenager, setting out into the world, to a world-weary traveller who is drawn to the back-roads and highways of Europe, this story dips into fifty years of travelling. Throughout the journey the author rubs shoulders with the rich and privileged through to the abandoned low-life of society. He journeys into strange places and meets with the strangers who live there. He touches on what it means to be alive, to be unshackled, and how the past never releases its hold; only its grip lessens through time. Along the way the author raises questions of morality and judgement, of trust and betrayal; all subjects to ponder as he walks the dirt-roads without destination. For him the journey is enough.
ISBN: 9781839459221
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 242
Published: 30 April 2021
Price: $12.65

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