Travels of an Occidental Oriental

'The true traveller goes forth aimlessly and uncalculating, only to meet and greet unknown fate; because risk enhances the prepared mind,' advised my backpacker friend, Matt, repeatedly. With his words in tow I, a British Chinese on-a-shoestring-budget scrimpy backpacker, embarked on a number of separate journeys, spread over a decade. I have written my candid accounts of some of the adventures I had on those journeys. Travel evokes a gamut of emotions. And, within the pages of this book, I have, I hope, expressed those evoked in me. Because my adventures led me to the conclusion that scrimpiness and travelling are not always mutually compatible; that, when it comes to imparting her profound lessons, travel is a strict teacher; and that, above all, you must always pack your sense of humour when on the road!
ISBN: 9781784071554
Type: Paperback
Pages: 258
Published: 6 February 2017
Price: $13.65

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