Twelve+ Value Stories

The purpose of writing this book was to Inspire Values, Create Value and Enrich Life at the individual level, within any organization's hierarchy. The "Organization" meaning any social arrangement formed to distribute tasks towards achieving collective goal/s. For example, an organization could mean a company, or a family, or a political party or even a fraternity of common interest groups such as lawyers and artists. An organization's values (stated or unstated) are as strong as its weakest link – values of individual's within an organization. Under intense pressures of timelines and deadlines, there is a risk of individuals compromising their values, towards achieving short term individual and organization goals using 'short-cuts'. This can happen intentionally or otherwise, and despite the existence of tight controls and checks. The consequences can potentially be disastrous for the organization, as well as the individual. No prizes for remembering news reports of such incidents! Such incidents keep popping up, far too frequently across the world. A sea of collective and inspired effort is often required to stem the rot. This book is an attempt to contribute a little inspiring droplet into that sea, in celebration of our cause - Valurevolution.
ISBN: 9781782996262
Type: Paperback
Pages: 72
Published: 28 June 2013
Price: $6.49