Vampire sky-way Disaster

Synopsis, The youngest child of five, has been stricken down with Cancer She love the very breath of life, her best friend Lily and Gabriela set out to find a cure for the Cancer That had slowly been eating away at Gabriela Gabriela, and Lily, come across a man who says He can cure her cancer when in reality, He has no power to heal anyone. But the very night they set out to reach The mans house for such a healing Gabriela, has lost all control When she meets a Vampire Who she thinks sets her free A life of drama, and horror Becomes the life she leads While she is held prisoner She’s seduced into a nightmare Of ever lasting killings, love affairs While trying to break free from a deadly seduction
ISBN: 9781781762820
Type: Paperback
Pages: 77
Published: 2 May 2012
Price: $7.95