Violet Victorine

The story of Violet Victorine is a fun vampire fantasy for children of 11 upwards who want to find out the real origin of vampires, their purpose on the planet and all their special vampire rules which make living among the undead delightful, but also dificult. Violet Victorine Vampire is bitten in Victorian England by an elegant male vampire, Lord Valiant Vampire and of course she is very flattered and falls in love with him at once . Unfortunately, there is a very important vampire law which means that each vampire should live a solitary existence and this forces the two devoted friends apart, perhaps only for a hundred years, but maybe forever ! The book begins when Natasha, a feisty human child, meets Violet Victorine and interviews her for a blog she produces for her friends. All Natasha's friends will be stunned to hear about the true nature of Violet Victorine because they know her as a famous singing star who inspires such emotional adoration that many of her fans swoon and die of delight at her concerts. But Violet hates being a singing star and only wants to be reunited with Lord Valiant - can she convince the Halloween Vampmoot meeting of all the vampires - that they have the right to be together ? Even more important can she convince the mysterious and very powerful, Lord Over All the vampires ?
ISBN: 9781786109699
Type: Paperback
Pages: 218
Published: 12 May 2016
Price: $12.65

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