Vision from the Valleys

John Caldwell’s ‘Vision from the Valleys’ is a welcome addition to our understanding of what God did when he stirred the Welsh Revival into being in the first years of the twentieth century. Men and women, many with limited formal education, carried to their nation and the world a revelation of Christ and his Church which was fresh and deep in equal measure. Of course, each generation must discover the breath of God on truth, else the fresh becomes stale and the deep becomes shallow. ‘Vision from the Valleys’ takes us not to a moment in history, but allows us to glimpse into things eternal; ‘Vision’ takes us not to the Wales of a another era but to a setting into which for a season, at least, God’s will was done on earth as in heaven. May all who read be transported not back to a time and place now buried in history but propelled into a contemporary understanding and expression of God’s love for the Church and his mission to reach all mankind with the Gospel. This is the heritage of the Apostolic Church, its mantle to help carry and its mission to help fulfil. Tim Jack, National Leader, Apostolic Church UK
ISBN: 9781839450570
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 124
Published: 4 November 2019
Price: $17.01

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