We Speak For The Earth

Animals care, they care deeply about the Earth and what is happening. They have been here longer than us and they have seen everything we have done and not done. Now in this inspiring book they get to tell their story, to say what they think about us and how we are living. The animals have so much wisdom and empathy, they teach us so much and have been talking to us for centuries, but often their 'voice' goes unheard, their lessons unnoticed. Through animal communication their thoughts have been written for all to share, their messages are sometimes gentle and forgiving and sometimes difficult to acknowledge their disappointment and sadness. Animals are perhaps the greatest conservationists, they don't litter, pollute, start wars and they never take for granted the Earth they live upon, perhaps now is the time we started to listen.
ISBN: 9781786970770
Type: Paperback
Pages: 74
Published: 14 June 2016
Price: $6.49

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