We are Women. Hear us Roar!

We are the daughters of miners. We are the daughters of engineers: We are the daughters of factory workers, nurses and career soldiers. Our parents were Labour councillors, members of the Communist Party, Conservative candidates. We grew up in the coalfields of Durham and South Wales, amongst the woollen mills of West Yorkshire, in the railway town of Swindon, and in the bustling city of London. Some of us spent our childhoods in the peaceful countryside of Cumbria, in seaside towns on the south coast or on the Isle of Man. One of us was born in far away Guyana. Some of us are wives, some of us are mothers, some of us choose to be neither; but every one of us is a socialist and all of us have at some point left our mother country and gone to live in a foreign land. These are our stories.
ISBN: 9781788766746
Type: Paperback
Pages: 74
Published: 11 January 2019
Price: $6.49

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