Wedding night

David a good looking and intelligent young man but from a poor home so he says,he is a good singer but an orphan,looking for a promoter to promote his songs he found himself in the house of the Mills but unfortunately for him he fell in love with their only daughter Nora who was already engaged to another man,persuasions from their only daughter made them accept their marriage but under a condition. On their wedding night a tragedy occurred,David was murdered and the murder seems to be vanished into thin air,months later Nora claim to have seen her late husband and even dated him,psychologist is been called to look into her situation but is it true that her late husbands ghost is roaming?then what will be the fate of the murder?
ISBN: 9781782995715
Type: Paperback
Pages: 162
Published: 22 July 2013
Price: $11.27

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