Wee Andri and the mystery of Mr Olafur

Wee Andri and the Mystery of Mr Olafur: what s this book about? This is the story of an Icelandic boy who loves volcanoes. Every day Andri reads the fascinating stories given to him by his friend, Mr Olafur, and a great dream starts to grow in the boy’s heart. He tries to share this joy with his friends but they are too frightened by the eruptions of Volcano Hekla to listen to him. A country where children don’t read stories and don’t want to play, but are sad and bored. ‘I’ll see to it, Andri! One day all the children in Eremus will play happily once more. That’s a promise,’ says Mr Olafur solemnly. One night, Hekla wakes everyone in the middle of the night with rumbles, lapilli and ash. Andri and his friends dash to safety, sheltering in an open field. This is where the Icelandic children begin to turn the pages of a magical book that fills their hearts with excitement and they begin to find joy in small things. Page after page they see that the book is a treasure trove of secrets, dreams, imaginary journeys between land and sea, with a different volcano for them to meet. Will Andri’s dream come true?
ISBN: 9781784072612
Type: Paperback
Pages: 62
Published: 24 December 2013
Price: $9.25

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