In Regency England the funeral of Edmond Vayne, the Rector of several Cheshire parishes is attended by members of his aristocratic family but not his elder brother the Earl of Rainow. His now orphaned children Giles, not yet 21, and Alicia 24 want to set up home together in London. Giles to write novels, his first is to be published in the Autumn, and Alicia to look after him and keep house which she has done since her mother died. Alicia's petite stature and delicate beauty hide a practical, energetic and determined character. The arrogant Vayne family oppose the siblings plan. They are a "good catch" for any fortune hunter. Such scandalous behaviour would jeopardize Alicia's chances of making a "good" marriage Also at the funeral is Percival Vayne, heir to the Earl, an elegant and fashionable young man whose excellent address and manners ensure that he is received everywhere in the fashionable world. The Vayne family lawyer issues an invitation to the siblings to live with their uncle at Westmarsh Hall in Sussex. This shocks everyone as the Earl is known to be a reclusive invalid. The siblings on their way to live with the Earl at Westmarsh Hall stay with their grandmother, the Dowager Countess of Northop, in her fashionable London Home. The Countess is looking forward to introducing Alicia into London Society although as she is in mourning Alicia cannot go to balls. However she can go to private parties. Fortune hunters gather around Alicia. Their pursuit is relentless and distresses Alicia. She and her brother escape London and make for Sussex. The Earl's agent returns and is the catalyst setting off a series of events which test Alicia's resourcefulness and determination. The Earl's agent intervenes or is it the mermaids?
ISBN: 9781788764711
Type: Paperback
Pages: 270
Published: 10 August 2018
Price: $12.95

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