When the River Rises

When the River Rises is based on true stories handed down through generations in my family. Little Snake was a real person, and I have tried to follow as closely as possible, the many paths she takes. This is her story. Facing her duty as a young Indian princess, Little Snake is bound to the chief of her village. After praying to the River Spirit for guidance she begins to face obstacles. Her father suddenly dies. Her mother is wed to her father's brother and moves away. She is wed to the chief, then put out in the animal for not pleasing him. The rains begin and the river starts rising when Little Snake dares to go her own direction and allows a young white man to whisk her away. Her village is destroyed and one man who has survived has sworn his vengeance.
ISBN: 9781786974747
Type: Paperback
Pages: 154
Published: 17 November 2016
Price: $11.05

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