Who Got Liz Gardner

When Liz, a married financial advisor and mother of one, logs on to her high school website in an attempt to generate business leads, she inadvertently lands in a chat room made up of her male classmates (and former lovers) from 30 years before. There she witnesses a testosterone-laden discussion and a much unexpected question, “Does anyone know who got Liz Gardner?” The sheer irony that she would be a topic of this world wide circle jerk on her one and only visit catapults her into a graphic and relentless exploration of her life’s journey—with all the erotic, tragic, and hilarious affairs, lessons, and detours that inevitably led to the one “who got her.” emotional barriers from her childhood and find love. Did she make the same desperate mistakes as her mother, or worse? Was she destined to become her mother? Her journey takes her from Florida to New York to California with a spicy layover in Denver. She grows and evolves from dealings with divorced parents, abortion, love triangles, infidelity, confused intentions, homeless junkies, aliens, vegetarians, stalkers, past life lesbians, ghosts and angels. Oh, and men. Definitely men. Who Got Liz Gardner is a complete meal with flavors, textures and ingredients reminiscent of Bridget Jones Diary, Sex and the City combined with a dash of Fear of Flying . Readers who enjoy feasts of this caliber will want to indulge in this extraordinary repast and encourage others to take a taste! This is a dish best served raw.
ISBN: 9781849238885
Type: Paperback
Pages: 522
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $14.95