Wings Unfurled

MALCHEDIEL – WARRIOR ANGEL Book One in the Wings Unfurled series When Malchediel first enters Amy’s art shop she thinks he is just another tanned golden haired surfer. Her first feelings of attraction are soon replaced by those of irritation that he finds it amusing when she bumps her head within seconds of meeting him. Thus begins a roller-coaster of a relationship as she learns of his Celestial background and the reason for his being here. For his part Malchediel is not amused that he, a Warrior Angel should be sent to protect a Nephilim girl on Earth. As Amy begins to delve into her genetic background the relationship between them develops beyond an uneasy alliance. Amy soon realises that she is dangerously close to entering forbidden territory. AMY – NEPHILIM FREEDOM FIGHTER Book Two in the Wings Unfurled series Heartbroken when her lover is kidnapped, Amy is thrown a lifeline by the Nephilim Fighting Force. Will she ever forget Malchediel or are they destined to find one another again? By joining the organisation that her mother once belonged to, Amy opens up a new life of danger but it could be the only way to reach the love of her life.
ISBN: 9781786109460
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 298
Published: 5 May 2016
Price: $19.45

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