Wishes Come True

THE FALLEN ANGEL SERIES Book 3 Falling in love is easy … but there are so many different shades. What if you were given the chance to explore beyond what you know, where love becomes erotic, edgy, orgasmic, exciting, stimulating, fascinating, addictive, inviting? * * * * WISHES COME TRUE Who is the mysterious dark stranger known as Maverick who spirits Angel away? Can he really protect and offer her the different love she seeks? This stranger doesn’t play by the rules she has come to know. There are few who know or understand him. He believes in the concept of good. But it isn’t everyone’s Norm. He accepts that, and will fight to the death to protect his own. He is an Alpha male … perhaps even more so than Grand Master. Angel is a submissive. He would accept her submission, but as a gift. Light and dark are both needed to balance her emotions. Is this stranger the key? Can he give her finally what she is looking for and enable her to truly live the dream?
ISBN: 9781781768273
Type: Paperback
Pages: 243
Published: 13 October 2012
Price: $12.65

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