Women, Love And Peace

By Su hana
It is full of tales of a teller, Sam Roy who told stories after stories from his memoirs to his grand-daughter Uma, how oppression, torture, endless injustice, anti-progressive fatwa by religious fundamentalist groups on women made their lives hell under the cover of false religious code of conduct. He described beautifully how those suffered women organised a non-violent movement against those religious leaders indulging in killing innocent people, particularly women, children for their own interest in disguise of religion. He detailed his experiences how patriarchal society deprived divorced women without maintenance allowing husbands to marry as number as they wished. He became much embarrassed when Uma came to know that she was a daughter of a Pakistani terrorist father and mother of Indian origin. She was terribly shocked for her unfortunate origin of birth. Incidentally she joined as Police officer in Indian Jammu & Kashmir. She vowed to search her parents and ultimately got them. But was it possible for her to accept them? The readers will taste a unusual beautiful love story of human natural instinct. He also narrated another romantic love story of Hari and his lover Maria who was attempted to rape by her step father.
ISBN: 9781782995227
Type: Paperback
Pages: 336
Published: 7 June 2013
Price: $12.95

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