Year of the Vampire

Ivy's meticulous plans for the perfect freshman high school year takes a wrong turn when a new student drags his shadow of decades-old baggage into class. With her best friends spending their time with new boyfriends and the school's steampunk production of Romeo and Juliet, Ivy has extra time on her hands. Drawn to the gloomy old mansion on the edge of town, she discovers something, or somethings, lurking in the shadows of life. She soon attracts the wrong kind of attention. And there's more on her mind. Among the gathering clouds of a cold sky is something ominous. With a powerful and vengeful vampire grudge poised to unleash on her small town, Ivy has a choice to make. But she has help. Kind of. After all, everyone has a stake in mankind's future... "When the Year of the Vampire starts in mid-October, high school freshman Ivy Lancaster's biggest stressor is finishing her Halloween costume in time. Little does she know, in two weeks, she's going to be tasked with a much more important, much more stressful, and much more lifechanging decision than she could have ever dreamed. And it all starts with a charming new transfer student by the name of Dred Jacobin. If she thinks he's a handful, just wait until she meets his family!" Goodreads 5 Star Review
ISBN: 9781788760423
Type: Paperback
Pages: 160
Published: 20 October 2017
Price: $10.99

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