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This school system expose will inspire you to resign from the school system and experience the best things in life.36 pages
ISBN: 9781839456268
Published: 15 December 2020
Do you feel hopeless about the communication skills of you or someone you love? Don't despair! This guide summarizes contemporary communication knowledge and offers resources for further study to empower those on the Autism Spectrum and everyone else. 30 ....
ISBN: 9781839455650
Published: 24 November 2020
In America, the two major parties monopolize our political system, but despite this, political independents, 3rd party candidates, and mavericks still press on. Bold political independents, mavericks, and 3rd party candidates refuse to lie down and accept....
ISBN: 9781839456701
Published: 7 January 2021
The First Amendment is one of America's blessings, thus this book's poems praise and honor this amendment. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456862
Published: 7 January 2021
The First Amendment radiates from Heaven, and one of its rays, freedom of assembly, shines down a rainbow of blessings; thus this book exalts freedom of assembly to inspire humanity to live the best.
ISBN: 9781839456817
Published: 7 January 2021
Free Press Media: The First Amendment's #1 Fans offers the blueprint that will inspire and motivate you to succeed as a leader and/or entrepreneur. In the early 90s, Andrew Yoder's book "Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts" informed....
ISBN: 9781839456336
Published: 17 December 2020
The lower things like food and sexThe higher things like inner peace and self-actualizationThey're all goodDo you have them all?Maybe you do,But that would make you rare indeedIf you don't have them allYou better read this book30 pages
ISBN: 9781839457050
Published: 15 January 2021
Do you want to become wilder? Do you want to unleash your wild side, but don't know exactly how to do so? Life is too short; learn to experience it to the fullest; read this book to learn how to unleash your wild side and thus develop your full potential.....
ISBN: 9781839456381
Published: 17 December 2020
What does freedom of religion mean to you? Free societies offer one of the greatest rights of man, freedom of religion, so how have you used your freedom of religion? A full life demands that we express our freedom of religion to honor both man and God. S....
ISBN: 9781839456534
Published: 31 December 2020
This personal development memoir will empower you, so you can experience happiness in every aspect of life. 48 pages. Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.
ISBN: 9781839456176
Published: 9 December 2020
Some people vilify the working classBut we should love the working classYou can get by or you can thriveYou can embrace mediocrity or you can seize excellenceWhy just get by when life offers more?Seize working class excellence, todaySo you can beam with w....
ISBN: 9781839456718
Published: 7 January 2021
Most of society's institutions such as medicine, school, academia, athletics, and the legal system violate God's laws. Given this, we can easily feel depressed, but we have hope. If we resist these institutions and build better institutions in their place....
ISBN: 9781839457111
Published: 22 January 2021
You don't want to go around with sin suffocating your soul. But what constitutes a sin and how do we confess? This pamphlet details the nature of a number of sins and how to confess them. Learn how to confess your sins so you can live free.24 pages.
ISBN: 9781839456664
Published: 31 December 2020
18+ adult only: Too intense for the vanilla minded; if you like the more risque, you may find the Male Dom/fem sub stimulation you need in this book of poetry.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456473
Published: 31 December 2020
Do you transform your beliefs into actions? If you do, this book can teach you how to better honor your convictions; if you don't, this book can show you how to honor your convictions in the first place.28 pages.
ISBN: 9781839456633
Published: 31 December 2020
Hard work makes the world go round. Hard work produces life's great rewards. Hard work makes us happy. So now let us use our freedom of speech to honor hard work. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456770
Published: 7 January 2021
From the Communist Party to the Libertarian Party and everything else in between, this short book endeavors to poetically honor third parties. If you love third parties or hate the two party system, this book may trip your trigger!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456725
Published: 7 January 2021
They say the most important battle to win is the battle with yourself. It takes a lot to courage to face your inner demons, but if you can do so, you can experience the most fulfilling life.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456886
Published: 12 January 2021
You probably couldn't define boarding houses, much less think about boarding houses. But now's your chance of a lifetime to ponder boarding houses!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456220
Published: 9 December 2020
Do hemorrhoids make you suffer or do a lack of books about hemorrhoids make you suffer? Either way, I have a solution for you.You won't have to waste hours poring over hemorrhoids tomes, tracts, and textbooks. You won't have to waste hours poring over hem....
ISBN: 9781839456435
Published: 17 December 2020
We couldn't exist without memory! Many take memory for granted, but we ought to appreciate it. Furthermore, pondering memory enables us to use it in the best ways.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456909
Published: 12 January 2021
Rock music is the reason we are alive. Nothing seems to rule more than rock music. Some rock stars are even cooler than the rest, so Andrew Bushard has chosen his favorite rock star to praise in this volume of free speech poetry.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456954
Published: 12 January 2021
Alternative media is a force to be reckoned with, which society needs. Thus in honor of alternative media, this short book presents poems of praise.
ISBN: 9781839456749
Published: 7 January 2021
Alternative medicine in its plethora of forms such as homeopathy, chiropractic medicine, herbalism, and fasting has the potential to save humanity. Thus this work praises alternative medicine to inspire everyone to follow God's health laws.
ISBN: 9781839456794
Published: 7 January 2021
Just imagine if you had only 800 words or less to use. How would you use them? There is no better way to use 800 words or less than to use them to praise and worship the tobacco industry.26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839456961
Published: 12 January 2021
Chili peppers, Hot Mustard, and Horseradish delight the tongue like little else. Some people don't like spicy foods, but some of us can't live without them. This work praises a variety of chili peppers such as Habaneros, Ghost Peppers, Jalapenos, and Serr....
ISBN: 9781839456558
Published: 31 December 2020
Why do you hate crack?You need to learn about its virtuesIt has no vicesEducate yourself about the glory of crackWith this poetry pack26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456831
Published: 7 January 2021
Running your own businessTakes all your time and energyAs they saySo you probably can'tRead too many booksBut please realizeThis entrepreneurship praising chapbookShouldn't require more than 10 minutes of your timeUnless it inspires youTo read it 20 times....
ISBN: 9781839456565
Published: 31 December 2020
Impeach Opponents of Free Speech Never breach The right to Free Speech Preach Free Speech 26 pages; 25 poems. Originally published in 2014
ISBN: 9781839456800
Published: 7 January 2021
I didn't know much about indie wrestlingUntil a narrator collaborator of mine educated meI still didn't think about itUntil I discovered indie women's wrestlingThen in retrospectI realized he knew a good thing26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456985
Published: 12 January 2021
Though they maligned and condemned him, John Brown, an abolitionist, succeeded at life. His heroism to end slavery deserve our attention and praise.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456428
Published: 17 December 2020
Go out there and sell wellSell until you tireWhen you need a break from sellingGrab a cup of regular or decaf and this poetry chapbookTo rejuvenate yourselfSo you can sell more!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457159
Published: 22 January 2021
Do you have wisdom teeth? Did your habits cause your wisdom teeth and other teeth to discolor? Don't worry. You don't have to have yellow teeth to cherish yellow teeth; it just adds credibility to your love of yellow teeth. After reading this book, you wi....
ISBN: 9781839456275
Published: 15 December 2020
Did you want a book on sedation? You won't get that here Sedition is not sedation It is the opposite, in fact You can find the definition of sedition in any dictionary But here you'll find not just the definition of sedition, but how to do sedition right ....
ISBN: 9781839456824
Published: 7 January 2021
Though Andrew Bushard does not claim to posses video game expertise, he does appreciate video games. Video games and the First Amendment go hand in hand so let us now promote them both!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456848
Published: 7 January 2021
Most everyone values hard work, but what does hard work mean and how do we know if we are working hard? This short book offers various criteria for determining whether we are working hard or not.28 pages.
ISBN: 9781839456992
Published: 12 January 2021
The two party system tries to suppress and silence us independents and mavericks. The two party system tries to discredit and demean us independents and mavericks. But we independents and mavericks can succeed as we have succeeded before; we just need enc....
ISBN: 9781839456343
Published: 17 December 2020
18+ Adults only: This short sequel (27 pages) to The Seduction of Anita Sarkeesian gets even raunchier than the book it follows. This erotic short story describes the sexual relationship between Andrew and Anita. Our heroes have both vanilla and kinky sex....
ISBN: 9781786978080
Published: 29 May 2017
Since heretics have revolutionized history and ecclesiastical dogma, we ought to praise and celebrate their lives. Whether we agree with their theology or not, we ought to emulate their bravery and boldness. If you would like to honor Martin Luther, Jan H....
ISBN: 9781839456183
Published: 9 December 2020
18+: A babe named Anita Sarkeesian crusades to purify video games. But she discovers a maverick named Frelsun who is also discovering her. Frelsun thinks she is hot and stylish. Frelsun challenges Anita's world view in ways she never imagined. He entices ....
ISBN: 9781786973436
Published: 30 September 2016