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This school system expose will inspire you to resign from the school system and experience the best things in life.36 pages
ISBN: 9781839456268
Published: 15 December 2020
Do you feel hopeless about the communication skills of you or someone you love? Don't despair! This guide summarizes contemporary communication knowledge and offers resources for further study to empower those on the Autism Spectrum and everyone else. 30 ....
ISBN: 9781839455650
Published: 24 November 2020
When you think of the biggest villains of current times, who comes to mind? Likely, Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Madoff do. Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Madoff have shattered lives and in the process, they have disgraced themselves, their associates, and their ....
ISBN: 9781839459450
Published: 14 April 2021
In America, the two major parties monopolize our political system, but despite this, political independents, 3rd party candidates, and mavericks still press on. Bold political independents, mavericks, and 3rd party candidates refuse to lie down and accept....
ISBN: 9781839456701
Published: 7 January 2021
The First Amendment is one of America's blessings, thus this book's poems praise and honor this amendment. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456862
Published: 7 January 2021
The First Amendment radiates from Heaven, and one of its rays, freedom of assembly, shines down a rainbow of blessings; thus this book exalts freedom of assembly to inspire humanity to live the best.
ISBN: 9781839456817
Published: 7 January 2021
18+ Adults only: This short story, the third part of Andrew Bushard's Anita Sarkeesian trilogy, delights the reader with its political and sexual adventures. A maverick and Anita befriend a famous publisher and a famous YouTuber. They further cement their....
ISBN: 9781839458217
Published: 2 March 2021
Ballot Access Poems leverages ballot access court cases to inspire and empower third parties. This booklet motivatesthird parties to keep achieving excellence. This work cites and discusses court cases involving the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the....
ISBN: 9781839458231
Published: 2 March 2021
18+ only Adult contentThese poemsHopefullyWill interest youExcite youThrill youAnd maybeJust maybeInspire you41 pages; 40 poems. This work is for adults only.
ISBN: 9781839459559
Published: 2 April 2021
18+ Adult OnlyNot for prudesNot for the old fashionedNot for moral crusadersNew exciting poemsFor romanticsWith harder wilder tastes26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803020358
Published: 3 April 2021
18+ adult only May these poems entertain you Wrap themselves around you Stimulate you Go through and stay through you Until they hypnotize you Into absorbing weakness euphoria 42 pages; 40 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457265
Published: 4 February 2021
18+ Adults onlyBDSM PoemsVolume 4BDSM galoreIs in storeExplore these poemsEvermoreWhen you have a chance, kindly read this book.41 pages; 40 poems
ISBN: 9781803020167
Published: 3 May 2021
God has blessed us by creating books. Reading books satisfies our souls. To honor the blessing of books, kindly read this book.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803024363
Published: 18 March 2022
There's a time for irreverence and a time for reverence; now is the time for reverence.Every religion, to some degree or another, teaches God's truths. To honor this, this book of poems praises 25 different world religions (such as Quakerism, Ethical Cult....
ISBN: 9781839457364
Published: 4 February 2021
Free Press Media: The First Amendment's #1 Fans offers the blueprint that will inspire and motivate you to succeed as a leader and/or entrepreneur. In the early 90s, Andrew Yoder's book "Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts" informed....
ISBN: 9781839456336
Published: 17 December 2020
Motivational speaking has inspired humanity to achieve its greatest accomplishments. Yet motivational speaking does promote some false and even dangerous ideas. Thus this book aims to kick down the false and dangerous ideas, so only the virtuous, empoweri....
ISBN: 9781839458392
Published: 17 March 2021
As a main type of freedom of speech, motivational speaking gives much to humanity, yet we ought not consume motivational speaking uncritically. Thus this work reflects upon the nature of motivational speaking so we may keep what rocks and leave behind wha....
ISBN: 9781839459085
Published: 13 April 2021
Where did you live for half the year in 1993? How did that city inspire your Alternative Parties Convictions? In 1993, Andrew Bushard resided in Garretson, SD for half the year, which inspired his Alternative Parties Convictions.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803023953
Published: 23 February 2022
The Prohibition Movement has succeeded at persuading local areas to establish dry counties. Private institutions have also gone dry. What can these dry victories teach alternative parties? How can alternative parties leverage the lessons of these dry vict....
ISBN: 9781803021492
Published: 14 September 2021
The Temperance Movement succeeded at ratifying the U.S. Constitution's 18th Amendment, which prohibited the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol. The Temperance Movement also succeeded at winning state and local Prohibition victories. Therefore ....
ISBN: 9781803020990
Published: 6 August 2021
Teachers lie and manipulate. Listen to them, and your life will suck. Their system will fail you and you'll feel disillusioned and betrayed. Fortunately, we do have a way out of all the scams and games in life. Unschooling can save us, so read this book t....
ISBN: 9781839459771
Published: 6 April 2021
Many people talk about the virtue of gratitude, but few truly practice it. So how do we demonstrate gratitude? The answer may not be what you think!This book shows you how to best express gratitude in a dozen different ways. It may not be what you expect!....
ISBN: 9781839459016
Published: 7 April 2021
The lower things like food and sexThe higher things like inner peace and self-actualizationThey're all goodDo you have them all?Maybe you do,But that would make you rare indeedIf you don't have them allYou better read this book30 pages
ISBN: 9781839457050
Published: 15 January 2021
The First Amendment grants us the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, which we ought to cherish. But how should we exercise this right? We better do it in a wise way and this book will discuss exactly how.26 pages.
ISBN: 9781839457852
Published: 11 February 2021
What do you want to be when you grow up? You probably have narrowed it down to either motivational speaker or rock star. If so, this work will guide you through the conflicts and dilemmas you must resolve before you make up your mind. Each career has its ....
ISBN: 9781839457913
Published: 13 February 2021
Do you want to become wilder? Do you want to unleash your wild side, but don't know exactly how to do so? Life is too short; learn to experience it to the fullest; read this book to learn how to unleash your wild side and thus develop your full potential.....
ISBN: 9781839456381
Published: 17 December 2020
What does freedom of religion mean to you? Free societies offer one of the greatest rights of man, freedom of religion, so how have you used your freedom of religion? A full life demands that we express our freedom of religion to honor both man and God. S....
ISBN: 9781839456534
Published: 31 December 2020
Would you like to develop more creativity? Are you often stumped about how to become more creative?This book shows how anyone, even YOU, can become more creative by using freedom of speech. This work guides you through 19 different creative tools so you t....
ISBN: 9781839457920
Published: 15 February 2021
Have you ever thought about what you should do with our freedom of the press? What can we do with it? Ever so much! This book will empower you to get the absolute most out of freedom of the press. Read this book so you can help make the free world even be....
ISBN: 9781839457555
Published: 9 February 2021
Goals, goals, goals. Life is all about goals! Goals are the meaning of life and you can use the First Amendment to achieve your goals.This book shows you how to use different types of free speech to achieve your goals.Contains adult content 18+30 pages.
ISBN: 9781839457531
Published: 18 February 2021
When you combine two great things, veganism and the raw food diet, you get something even greater yet, raw veganism. Raw veganism can take the world by storm. Other books focus on explaining raw veganism and providing raw vegan recipes; this book focuses ....
ISBN: 9781839457746
Published: 18 February 2021
In our post-feminist society, nothing is hotter than women who not only do so called guy things, but take it one step further and do alpha male things, while at the same time still retain their classical femininity, like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi say self a....
ISBN: 9781803020174
Published: 2 May 2021
This personal development memoir will empower you, so you can experience happiness in every aspect of life. 48 pages. Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.
ISBN: 9781839456176
Published: 9 December 2020
This Prosperity Gospel vs. Reformed Theology Book will enlighten you with religious faith, stimulate you with critical thinking, and save you with Godly wisdom. 52 pages.Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.
ISBN: 9781839457609
Published: 18 February 2021
Like other Alternative Party members, you love and support Public Transportation. So how does it sound to join a political party that devotes itself to advancing Public Transportation? When you want to love and support Alternative Parties and Public Trans....
ISBN: 9781803025131
Published: 22 June 2022
While researching court cases for the podcast Long Live the First Amendment and Free Speech, Andrew Bushard noticed a theme emerging. Jehovah's Witnesses kept dominating the First Amendment court cases he discovered. Thus we should honor the Jehovah's Wit....
ISBN: 9781803025360
Published: 2 June 2022
"Let's Ascend to First Amendment Heaven" leverages Texas obscenity trials, spanning from 1974 to 2009, to enlighten, energize, and empower you to excel in law, liberty, and life. This work compiles the insights, the obscenity law podcast "Long Live the Fi....
ISBN: 9781839458651
Published: 31 March 2021
18+: In the 2010s, an obscene leader transmitted a message: create cuntbusting books for the world needs them. Andrew Bushard answered that call and created his cuntbusting tomes to titillate and enlighten the masses. The God of Freedom, the God of Obscen....
ISBN: 9781839458668
Published: 10 February 2021
We cheer when third parties get on the ballot. We rejoice when third parties get on the ballot.We celebrate when third parties get on the ballot.When third parties get on the ballot, people get to vote for third parties.It rules when third parties get on ....
ISBN: 9781839459634
Published: 4 April 2021
Does Autism have you down in the pits? Don't settle for a disappointing or mediocre existence. Not only can we live well in spite of Autism, but we can discover the greatest treasures in life because of Autism. This work takes a high functioning Autistic ....
ISBN: 9781839457784
Published: 16 February 2021
Despite opposition and obstacles, Andrew Bushard continues to answer his calling to unionize the company of Accenture. Since the publication of his books Let's Use Free Speech to Unionize Accenture and Other Companies and Let's Use Free Speech to Promote ....
ISBN: 9781839457388
Published: 4 February 2021
Are you living life at the highest levels? Are you using each job assignment to fulfill yourself the most? If not, why are you short changing yourself? Now is the time to live the life of your dreams. Don't delay; read about how to use free speech to achi....
ISBN: 9781803020440
Published: 29 May 2021
Some people vilify the working classBut we should love the working classYou can get by or you can thriveYou can embrace mediocrity or you can seize excellenceWhy just get by when life offers more?Seize working class excellence, todaySo you can beam with w....
ISBN: 9781839456718
Published: 7 January 2021
To live the best life, we need to advance liberation and justice. In order to make sure we are advancing liberation and justice, we need to clearly define what liberation and justice mean. So if you want to learn how to better advance liberation and justi....
ISBN: 9781839458057
Published: 25 February 2021
You can use freedom of speech for many purposes, so what should we use it for? Why not use freedom of speech to advance the great unschooling and deschooling movement? The future of America calls us to do just that; let's answer the call.26 pages; 25 poem....
ISBN: 9781839459672
Published: 7 April 2021
Most of society's institutions such as medicine, school, academia, athletics, and the legal system violate God's laws. Given this, we can easily feel depressed, but we have hope. If we resist these institutions and build better institutions in their place....
ISBN: 9781839457111
Published: 22 January 2021
Exercise rules! Some of us jog to get our exercise fix. Are you one of these people? If so, you may want to read these poetic odes to jogging.26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839459030
Published: 13 April 2021
Your attitude is everything, right? Well, actually not. There are many more important things than your attitude. What are they? Read this book to find out what they are and why they are better than a positive attitude.27 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839458866
Published: 7 April 2021
Motivational speaking and activism dominate the world, but have you ever compared these two worldviews? In many ways, they differ; in some ways, they are alike. Read this book to find out exactly how.25 pages.
ISBN: 9781803020433
Published: 13 July 2021
Accenture wins awards and portrays itself as the perfect company, but perhaps Accenture seems too good to be true. After all, the company promised "market relevant" pay to its Austin call center agents, but it did not follow through.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457418
Published: 4 February 2021
You don't want to go around with sin suffocating your soul. But what constitutes a sin and how do we confess? This pamphlet details the nature of a number of sins and how to confess them. Learn how to confess your sins so you can live free.24 pages.
ISBN: 9781839456664
Published: 31 December 2020
Andrew Bushard did the unthinkable: he majored in philosophy. So he is now philosophizing about philosophy. Whether you majored in philosophy or just studied it on your own, this work will surely make you smile and think! Get this book if you love philoso....
ISBN: 9781839457685
Published: 18 February 2021
Heroes make the world much better and we need to exalt them. Yet how do we define heroism? This work offers ten criteria to consider.26 pages.
ISBN: 9781839457586
Published: 16 February 2021
When you hear and see motivational speakers speak, what do you think? Do you ever think about the nature of motivational speaking? Do you think motivational speakers are perfect or do you think they can improve? This book should promote more thinking on t....
ISBN: 9781839458064
Published: 2 March 2021
Don't despair! You can improve in every area of life and when you do so empowerment will seize your soul. You'll get addicted to the empowerment high so you'll keeping coming back to the virtuous cycle that this pamphlet discusses.30 pages.
ISBN: 9781839457074
Published: 4 February 2021
Crystal meth will nourish your body. Crystal meth will free your mind. Crystal meth will save your soul. This poetry chapbook will show you how. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803020211
Published: 2 June 2021
18+: The cuntbusting fetish needs praise and appreciation. Since few others have answered the call, we are going to take the initiative to exalt cuntbusting.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839459986
Published: 2 April 2021
You know what the world needs? A short volume of poems praising inhalants. So unless you are afraid, order millions of copies of this work to share with all your friends and their friends.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803020136
Published: 5 April 2021
18+ adult only: Too intense for the vanilla minded; if you like the more risque, you may find the Male Dom/fem sub stimulation you need in this book of poetry.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456473
Published: 31 December 2020
18+: Nerds rule, yet few ladies prefer nerds; This erotica chapbook seeks to change that by making nerds the object of female submissive fantasies.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457425
Published: 4 February 2021
Do you transform your beliefs into actions? If you do, this book can teach you how to better honor your convictions; if you don't, this book can show you how to honor your convictions in the first place.28 pages.
ISBN: 9781839456633
Published: 31 December 2020
Hard work makes the world go round. Hard work produces life's great rewards. Hard work makes us happy. So now let us use our freedom of speech to honor hard work. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456770
Published: 7 January 2021
From the Communist Party to the Libertarian Party and everything else in between, this short book endeavors to poetically honor third parties. If you love third parties or hate the two party system, this book may trip your trigger!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456725
Published: 7 January 2021
Satanism, the world's most important religion, has contributed so much to the world, so now we honor it as a small token of our gratitude. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803020082
Published: 15 April 2021
You can do anything even if you have Asperger's Syndrome! Nothing should stop you from living the life of your dreams! This short book of poems inspires, motivates, and encourages all Aspies to achieve their full potential.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839458224
Published: 2 March 2021
Capitalists debate Marxists all the time. But all too rarely do motivational speakers, the cheerleaders of Capitalism, debate Marxists. Thus Andrew Bushard created 25 dialogues demonstrating the great differences between Marxists and Motivational speakers....
ISBN: 9781839457258
Published: 4 February 2021
They say the most important battle to win is the battle with yourself. It takes a lot to courage to face your inner demons, but if you can do so, you can experience the most fulfilling life.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456886
Published: 12 January 2021
Now is the time to overthrow! Let's overthrow right now! Who and what and how and why? Well, you gotta read this book to find out!26 pages.
ISBN: 9781839457098
Published: 4 February 2021
You gotta travel abroad! Just look at what it did for Andrew Bushard: it changed his life. Through this travels to the Southern Africa region (especially South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe), he reaped personal transformations and fulfillment. You too c....
ISBN: 9781839457135
Published: 4 February 2021
18+ The Cosby scandal keeps us glued to our screens, but what does this scandal mean in the grand scheme? This book understands the Cosby scandal through the lens of eternity.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839459344
Published: 12 May 2021
You probably couldn't define boarding houses, much less think about boarding houses. But now's your chance of a lifetime to ponder boarding houses!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456220
Published: 9 December 2020
Do hemorrhoids make you suffer or do a lack of books about hemorrhoids make you suffer? Either way, I have a solution for you.You won't have to waste hours poring over hemorrhoids tomes, tracts, and textbooks. You won't have to waste hours poring over hem....
ISBN: 9781839456435
Published: 17 December 2020
Jaclyn Glenn, a top millennial atheist, expresses strong views in social media. But does her atheism represent the best way or do we have a better way? In this work, Andrew Bushard challenges atheist Jaclyn Glenn to embrace something better than atheism.2....
ISBN: 9781839459887
Published: 6 April 2021
Preacher and theologian John Piper has operated his Desiring God Ministries to promote the Calvinist worldview. Piper seems very dedicated and determined, but does he advance a valid theology? Does Piper do more good or more harm? To answer this, this sho....
ISBN: 9781839459788
Published: 1 April 2021
We couldn't exist without memory! Many take memory for granted, but we ought to appreciate it. Furthermore, pondering memory enables us to use it in the best ways.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456909
Published: 12 January 2021
We can consider motivational speaking one of the best things ever, yet we ought to be thoughtful about it. Thus this work critiques and also praises motivational speaking, so you can best separate the wheat from the chaff to get what you want in life.26 p....
ISBN: 9781839459948
Published: 4 June 2021
In life we need to praise certain people especially when they inspire you to get interested in what you previously overlooked. So now we shall praise a certain WWE Diva.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839459467
Published: 14 April 2021
Rock music is the reason we are alive. Nothing seems to rule more than rock music. Some rock stars are even cooler than the rest, so Andrew Bushard has chosen his favorite rock star to praise in this volume of free speech poetry.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456954
Published: 12 January 2021
Alternative media is a force to be reckoned with, which society needs. Thus in honor of alternative media, this short book presents poems of praise.
ISBN: 9781839456749
Published: 7 January 2021
Alternative medicine in its plethora of forms such as homeopathy, chiropractic medicine, herbalism, and fasting has the potential to save humanity. Thus this work praises alternative medicine to inspire everyone to follow God's health laws.
ISBN: 9781839456794
Published: 7 January 2021
Just imagine if you had only 800 words or less to use. How would you use them? There is no better way to use 800 words or less than to use them to praise and worship the tobacco industry.26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839456961
Published: 12 January 2021
South Dakota reigns with Brookings as its jewel. Brookings, SD residents, whether former or current, know Brookings, SD enchants and delights. Andrew Bushard lived the first decade of his life in Brookings, SD, so Brookings, SD has a place in his heart. B....
ISBN: 9781803021669
Published: 14 September 2021
Chili peppers, Hot Mustard, and Horseradish delight the tongue like little else. Some people don't like spicy foods, but some of us can't live without them. This work praises a variety of chili peppers such as Habaneros, Ghost Peppers, Jalapenos, and Serr....
ISBN: 9781839456558
Published: 31 December 2020
Why do you hate crack?You need to learn about its virtuesIt has no vicesEducate yourself about the glory of crackWith this poetry pack26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456831
Published: 7 January 2021
Society has abandoned Deism, but Deism represents a noble form of spirituality. So now we honor it as well as the related philosophy, freethought, in this short book of poems.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839458323
Published: 9 March 2021
Society has abandoned Deism, but Deism represents a noble form of spirituality. So now we honor it as well as the related philosophy, freethought, in this short book of poems. 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839458590
Published: 19 March 2021
Diligence rules. Oftentimes, people promote the opposite of diligence, so this book encourages the listener to choose diligence instead. Drawing upon his childhood experiences and current insights, Andrew Bushard critiques pervasive myths, foolishness, an....
ISBN: 9781803020341
Published: 4 May 2021
Rock on, dumpster diving! Long live dumpster diving! Practical yet fun; the world definitely needs dumpster diving! Hell, God might even ordain it!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839459641
Published: 24 May 2021
Running your own businessTakes all your time and energyAs they saySo you probably can'tRead too many booksBut please realizeThis entrepreneurship praising chapbookShouldn't require more than 10 minutes of your timeUnless it inspires youTo read it 20 times....
ISBN: 9781839456565
Published: 31 December 2020
18+Too exciting for just anyone to seeIf you fear notOpen this bookAnd the read stimulating poems within26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839457043
Published: 4 February 2021
Impeach Opponents of Free Speech Never breach The right to Free Speech Preach Free Speech 26 pages; 25 poems. Originally published in 2014
ISBN: 9781839456800
Published: 7 January 2021
I didn't know much about indie wrestlingUntil a narrator collaborator of mine educated meI still didn't think about itUntil I discovered indie women's wrestlingThen in retrospectI realized he knew a good thing26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456985
Published: 12 January 2021
Though they maligned and condemned him, John Brown, an abolitionist, succeeded at life. His heroism to end slavery deserve our attention and praise.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456428
Published: 17 December 2020
Libraries serve the coolLibraries invite the interestedLibraries inspire the wiseSo take the bus to your local libraryand on the way read this library themed poetry chapbookIt will put you in the library visiting moodOr else26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839458699
Published: 31 March 2021
Pirate radio represents magical rebellion. Pirate radio signifies creative protest. Pirate radio can change the world.Pirate radio (unlicensed radio broadcasting) has played a historically significant though usually ignored role in the greater cause of fr....
ISBN: 9781839459818
Published: 5 April 2021
Go out there and sell wellSell until you tireWhen you need a break from sellingGrab a cup of regular or decaf and this poetry chapbookTo rejuvenate yourselfSo you can sell more!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457159
Published: 22 January 2021
Straight edge (no drinking, smoking, drugs, or promiscuous sexual intercourse) rules! The youth made straight edge for youth so its authentically and coolness reign! Nothing beats it; nothing compares; straight edge stands apart! Come read these poems to ....
ISBN: 9781839459955
Published: 8 April 2021
If you are a teenagerIf you are youngIf you like teenagersIf you like the youngIf you hate teenagersIf you hate the youngChoose this volume26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803020426
Published: 26 May 2021
What's the best thing about Austin, TX? You may say the people, the music, or any number of things, but Andrew Bushard thinks the climate is the best thing.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457272
Published: 20 January 2021
Some consider veganism tough I consider it doable Some consider veganism unsound I consider it justified Some consider veganism foolish I consider it wise 26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839457753
Published: 18 February 2021
Hidden in Scandinavia, Iceland charms like few countries do. Iceland's uniqueness can enchant for a lifetime. Read about this delightful land and who knows maybe you too will find Iceland calling you.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457548
Published: 9 February 2021
South Africa can fulfill a spiritual traveler well beyond one's wildest dreams. Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg offer plenty of deep and profound experiences. In this volume, Andrew Bushard shares both the mundane and extraordinary joys of South Africa....
ISBN: 9781839457401
Published: 10 January 2021
Despite its economic conditions and poverty, Zimbabwe enchants, calls, and satisfies. Zimbabwe offers much opportunity for spiritual growth for the serious traveler. In this book, Andrew Bushard reflects about his experiences in Zimbabwe, inspiring all to....
ISBN: 9781839457432
Published: 4 February 2021
Do you have wisdom teeth? Did your habits cause your wisdom teeth and other teeth to discolor? Don't worry. You don't have to have yellow teeth to cherish yellow teeth; it just adds credibility to your love of yellow teeth. After reading this book, you wi....
ISBN: 9781839456275
Published: 15 December 2020
They say preparation determines success. Thus revolutionaries better do everything possible to prepare themselves for revolution. Sometimes, one does not know exactly how to prepare for revolution, so this work provides key principles for revolution prepa....
ISBN: 9781803021003
Published: 19 August 2021
How should we think of civil disobedience? Do we have a moral right to disobey unjust laws? Do we have a moral obligation to disobey unjust jaws? How should we perceive those who engage in civil disobedience. This poetry strives to answer these and other ....
ISBN: 9781839458958
Published: 7 April 2021
We support movies and videosSo don't hesitateTo watch movies and videosAfter you get your movie and video fixOpen this poetry chapbookAnd cherish the words within28 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781839459443
Published: 14 April 2021
Revolt, Revolt, RevoltRevolutions have occurredRevolutions do occurRevolutions will occurYou better play your partSo you can win the victor's spoils!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457593
Published: 6 February 2021
Did you want a book on sedation? You won't get that here Sedition is not sedation It is the opposite, in fact You can find the definition of sedition in any dictionary But here you'll find not just the definition of sedition, but how to do sedition right ....
ISBN: 9781839456824
Published: 7 January 2021
Since you enjoyed my book "Let's Use Free Speech to Unionize Accenture and Other Companies", you will probably enjoy this one as well. Since writing the first book, lots of things have happened and I have developed new insights, so read this book to learn....
ISBN: 9781839457371
Published: 4 February 2021
Though Andrew Bushard does not claim to posses video game expertise, he does appreciate video games. Video games and the First Amendment go hand in hand so let us now promote them both!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839456848
Published: 7 January 2021
Nothing beats participating in a successful revolution. The public schools fail, so we need an unschooling and homeschooling revolution to take over. Whether your parents homeschooled or unschooled you or you attended the public schools, now is the time f....
ISBN: 9781839459733
Published: 7 April 2021
With so many labor unions already existing, why do we need a new union? Simply, because these unions don't serve all qualified people, we need a new union that fills in the gaps. Andrew Bushard filed a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) unfair labor ch....
ISBN: 9781839458071
Published: 25 February 2021
Subversion changes lives for the better. So why aren't you subverting? If it's because you don't know how, then you might find some practical tips in this short work.26 pages.
ISBN: 9781839457241
Published: 4 February 2021
Sometimes, Chris LoCurto, what you say makes me want to jump for empowerment. Sometimes, Chris LoCurto, what you say makes me want to frown for injustice. So you better believe I'm going to deal with the good, the bad, and the pretty.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839458019
Published: 28 February 2021
Accenture doesn't pay its call center workers enough, so unions should intervene. This work discusses the problems of Accenture type leadership as well as advocates for the political and philosophical need for the unionization solution.Andrew Bushard file....
ISBN: 9781839457395
Published: 4 February 2021
Most everyone values hard work, but what does hard work mean and how do we know if we are working hard? This short book offers various criteria for determining whether we are working hard or not.28 pages.
ISBN: 9781839456992
Published: 12 January 2021
Linux likers, we have a volume of poetry for you!Andrew Bushard has been using and loving Linux for years, so he has dedicated this volume of poetry to praising Linux's virtues.When you want to demonstrate your love of Linux, kindly read Long Live Linux!2....
ISBN: 9781803024967
Published: 5 May 2022
The two party system has suppressed, marginalized, and vilified the Underdogs known as Alternative Parties. So a party, the Alternative Parties Party, forms to reverse the state of affairs, to champion the Underdogs, and to overthrow the power structure. ....
ISBN: 9781803023526
Published: 12 January 2022
The two party system tries to suppress and silence us independents and mavericks. The two party system tries to discredit and demean us independents and mavericks. But we independents and mavericks can succeed as we have succeeded before; we just need enc....
ISBN: 9781839456343
Published: 17 December 2020
18+ Adults only: This short sequel (27 pages) to The Seduction of Anita Sarkeesian gets even raunchier than the book it follows. This erotic short story describes the sexual relationship between a maverick and Anita. Our heroes have both vanilla and kinky....
ISBN: 9781839458361
Published: 9 March 2021
18+ Adults only: This short sequel (27 pages) to The Seduction of Anita Sarkeesian gets even raunchier than the book it follows. This erotic short story describes the sexual relationship between Andrew and Anita. Our heroes have both vanilla and kinky sex....
ISBN: 9781786978080
Published: 29 May 2017
Question for you: What city or cities Crystallized your Alternative Parties Convictions? From 2004-2012, Andrew Bushard resided in the Twin Cities, MN (Oakdale, MN, Minneapolis, MN, and Maplewood, MN). His experiences there Crystallized his Alternative Pa....
ISBN: 9781803022529
Published: 28 November 2021
Do you embrace a passion for Plant Based Foods? I trust you do, because Plant Based Foods rule! To demonstrate your love for Plant Based Foods, kindly read Plant Based Poems, when you have a chance.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803024691
Published: 19 April 2022
Since heretics have revolutionized history and ecclesiastical dogma, we ought to praise and celebrate their lives. Whether we agree with their theology or not, we ought to emulate their bravery and boldness. If you would like to honor Martin Luther, Jan H....
ISBN: 9781839456183
Published: 9 December 2020
Westboro Baptist Church has earned an unforgettable reputation for their virulently anti-gay pickets. Westboro has stooped to picketing funerals to spread their hateful message. Most people respond to this hate with more hate of their own, but through poe....
ISBN: 9781839459337
Published: 12 May 2021
Sometimes when I listen to Michael Hyatt, Chris LoCurto and other motivational speakers, I feel empowered. Other times when I listen to them, I scratch my head. What to do; what to do? Take the good and leave the rest!26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839457975
Published: 15 February 2021
"Praise Phone Books" extols the cornucopia of phone books' virtues. "Praise Phone Books" discusses Andrew Bushard's personal connection to phone books, as well, as to cherish phone books' contribution to the world.Although society desires to abandon phone....
ISBN: 9781839459238
Published: 16 March 2021
Podcasts have benefited Andrew Bushard's life. Thus he desires to share his podcast recommendations with you. This includes Religion, Politics, and Business podcasts. These podcasts can benefit your life. Come one, come all to appreciate podcasts. 26 page....
ISBN: 9781803025049
Published: 19 May 2022
Some say don't rebel, just conform. I don't know about you, but I want to rebel. Certainly, you ought to rebel if you do it right. In essence, if we rebel only to harm or destroy, we rebel wrong. On the other hand, if we reject dominant norms because they....
ISBN: 9781839457982
Published: 15 February 2021
Do you want to rock or teach? Better lay the foundation now so you can achieve the life you desire. You have a lot to consider. This work thus offers you some things to think about so you can plan the best and ultimately attain the best possible life.25 p....
ISBN: 9781839457821
Published: 18 February 2021
I lived in Rockford, IL in high school and this city seeded my Alternative Parties Convictions. What city did that for you? 26 pages; 25 poems
ISBN: 9781803023359
Published: 28 January 2022
Sex symbols, whether from the past or present, allure like little else. Though many sex symbols have emerged over the years, three have triumphed as American icons: Rudolph Valentino of the 1920s, the Beatles band of the 1960s, and Justin Bieber of today.....
ISBN: 9781839457777
Published: 16 February 2021
Do you cherish the First Amendment? Do you adore the First Amendment? Do you worship the First Amendment? Then, when you have a chance, kindly Salute the First Amendment Party and read this booklet.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803023496
Published: 17 January 2022
Do you love Solicitation? Do you enjoy Solicitation? Do you appreciate Solicitation? If so, it behooves you to join the Save Solicitation Party to advance Solicitation. 26 pages.
ISBN: 9781803024301
Published: 10 March 2022
Sick of school? Sick of teachers? Sick of rules? Fortunately, we have an alternative, not a stupid brain dead alternative, but something that rocks! Indeed, our alternative, unschooling, rocks like nothing else!41 pages.
ISBN: 9781803020075
Published: 7 April 2021
Consider school days the worst days. Don't consider school a necessary evil because we don't need school. Break free from school. Unschooling is the way out so these poems hopefully will inspire you to unschool yourself and the world.41 pages; 40 poems.
ISBN: 9781839459825
Published: 7 April 2021
Where did you live in '89-'91 and '93 and how did that shape you and how did that conceive your convictions? In '89-'91 and '93 Andrew Bushard lived in Sioux Falls, SD and that shaped him and conceived his Alternative Parties Convictions. Read this book w....
ISBN: 9781803023618
Published: 18 February 2022
A Socialist Babe lurks out there somewhere; she is scanning everything and everywhere, trying to locate her soulmate. Andrew Bushard is doing the same. Shall they cross paths? 26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839458767
Published: 7 April 2021
18+:The Bourgeoisie tries to suppress and silence your Latina Socialist heroine, Victoria.The Bourgeoisie tries to demonize and defeat your Latina Socialist heroine, Victoria.But your Latina Socialist heroine, Victoria, will encourage and empower you in t....
ISBN: 9781839458378
Published: 5 March 2021
Think back to when you were 18-23 years old. If you are currently in that age bracket, think about now. What experiences are shaping you and your mission? What organizations are influencing you? What environment is transforming you into an Alternative Par....
ISBN: 9781803022192
Published: 11 October 2021
A poetry chapbook of 26 pages; 25 poems for you and for me that shall inspire and inform the masses to enjoy this.
ISBN: 9781803023137
Published: 13 January 2022
I trust Storage Unit Poems rocked your socks off, so I trust Storage Unit Poems Volume 2 will also rock your socks off. This volume praises the opportunities that storage units offer for creatives and introspectives.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803023663
Published: 2 February 2022
In Storage Unit Poems Volume 2, Andrew Bushard praised storage unit tranquility. Since then something invaded and disrupted this tranquility. How does Andrew Bushard respond? How would you respond? How does Andrew Bushard leverage this? How would you leve....
ISBN: 9781803024035
Published: 2 March 2022
18+: Cuban Nina’s story of sensual expression and workplace unionization will satisfy your cravings and brighten your day.36 pages.Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.
ISBN: 9781839459245
Published: 16 March 2021
The Ban Gambling Party dedicates itself to eradicating gambling from the world. The Ban Gambling Party devotes itself to changing society. The Ban Gambling Party distinguishes itself as an Alternative Party leader.Will the Ban Gambling Party succeed at it....
ISBN: 9781803023380
Published: 14 January 2022
"America needs to enact Blue Laws again!" sing the righteous! "We love Blue Laws!" rejoice the righteous. "Blue Laws satisfy!" proclaim the righteous.When you want to save America, read The Blue Laws Party Rules.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781803023397
Published: 14 January 2022
18+: Saudi Cassandra’s story of fighting foes and seeking love will make you smile.29 pages.Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda
ISBN: 9781839459184
Published: 8 March 2021
One article by German Lopez potrayed Carrie Nation not as the zealot history remembers, but as a Progressive challenging big business. Thus the Carrie Nation Party forms to oppose the liquor industry and enact Prohibition. In the process, the Carrie Natio....
ISBN: 9781803023175
Published: 1 January 2022
Do those anti-dumping signs irritate you? Yes, they do. So don't despair and don't fear. The Deregulate Dumping Party has arrived to change these conditions and to Deregulate Dumping. May Dumping win!26 pages.
ISBN: 9781803024905
Published: 10 April 2022
"The Eugene Debs Party Succeeds: A Third Parties Flash Fiction" offers Progressives and others a pathway to achieve their dreams and to achieve electoral success. May this vision inspire Progressives and others to do the impossible!26 pages.
ISBN: 9781803020099
Published: 4 April 2021
Freedom of Religion reigns as a First Amendment freedom. To preserve, cherish, and advance Freedom of Religion, the Freedom of Religion Party launches. Then the Freedom of Religion Party flourishes. When you want to preserve, cherish, and advance Freedom ....
ISBN: 9781803024561
Published: 2 February 2022
The "Cancel Rent" and "Stop Evictions" Movements that arose to oppose COVID-19 evictions inspired an alternative party to form. This alternative party fights evictions and supports tenants. When you want to support justice, read this work to explore a rea....
ISBN: 9781803023083
Published: 6 January 2022
18+: How does a cruel dominatrix with black hair transform into a panting submissive with black hair? By meeting the right man, of course! This erotic short story of a nerd subduing a dominatrix will seduce you. 29 pages.
ISBN: 9781839459191
Published: 5 March 2021
Do you support Jaywalking? Do you oppose Jaywalking? If you support Jaywalking, The Join Jaywalking Party Rocks! should increase your support of Jaywalking. If you oppose Jaywalking, The Join Jaywalking Party Rocks! should decrease your opposition to Jayw....
ISBN: 9781803024806
Published: 20 April 2022
Third parties deserve pathways to success. People disparge third parties like the Kingdom and Queendom Party, but Andrew Bushard has decided to honor these third parties. Some deem the Kindgom and Queendom Party the epitome of absurdity, but others believ....
ISBN: 9781839459726
Published: 7 April 2021
Do people cramp your style by preventing you from loitering? If so, the Legalize Loitering Party has come to the rescue. The Legalize Loitering Party Loves to promote and advance Loitering. The Legalize Loitering Party desires to reclaim Loitering for you....
ISBN: 9781803024189
Published: 7 March 2022
"The Mankato One Trial: A First Amendment Trial" chronicles what one of Andrew Bushard's friends called "The Trial of the Year [of 2003]. This work shows how to advance the First Amendment through criminal trials. May "The Mankato One Trial: A First Amend....
ISBN: 9781803020068
Published: 9 June 2021
"The Marx Engels Party Wins: A Third Parties Flash Fiction" cites and credits the Marx Engels Party's wisdom and ideas to honor the past, leverage the present, and advance the future. Thus this work provides a pathway to the Marx Engels Party's electoral ....
ISBN: 9781839459047
Published: 5 March 2021
"The Maverick Leadership Party Flourishes: A Third Parties Short Story" blends the accomplishments of third parties with the aspirations of third parties to create a pathway that, God willing, shall enable third parties to succeed, excel, and flourish. 27....
ISBN: 9781839458774
Published: 7 April 2021
"The Neo-Prohibition Party Reigns: A Third Parties Flash Fiction" credits and cites Neo-Prohibitionist ideas and proposals,while offering a pathway to achieve Neo-Prohibitionist third party dreams.Whether you love Neo-Prohibition, third parties, and/or fl....
ISBN: 9781839458965
Published: 7 April 2021
We know you detest and despise no parking signs. You need not fret, for the Park Everywhere Party Emerges! The Park Everywhere Party seeks to rattle and revolutionize society byintroducing its Parking Paradigm and Parking Platform.When you want to Park Ev....
ISBN: 9781803025193
Published: 7 June 2022
18+: A babe named Anita Sarkeesian crusades to purify video games. But she discovers a maverick named Frelsun who is also discovering her. Frelsun thinks she is hot and stylish. Frelsun challenges Anita's world view in ways she never imagined. He entices ....
ISBN: 9781786973436
Published: 30 September 2016
Do anti-trespassing laws cramp your style? Yes, they do. But don't fear, as the Try Trespassing Party has come to save the day and to save the nation.26 pages.
ISBN: 9781803024578
Published: 31 January 2022
"The Union of Third Party Unionists: A Third Parties Flash Fiction" calls unionists and third parties to act. This work inspires and motivates readers to advance third parties and to advance unions. Long live third parties! Long live unions!26 pages.
ISBN: 9781839459870
Published: 4 June 2021
Unionizing the nation rocks and rules!The Unionist Party lives to unionize the nation and to advance third parties. The combination of unionization and third parties elates you and me.So when you want to unionize the nation and to advance third parties, k....
ISBN: 9781803020365
Published: 3 May 2021
Everyone seems to praise David of the Bible while relegating Uriah, the man who resisted David's evil, to a footnote. Thus a political party, an Alternative Party, the Uriah Party forms to counter this tendency. The Uriah Party seeks to inspire the nation....
ISBN: 9781803023830
Published: 14 January 2022
18+: Arabic Angela will inspire you as she conquers the world. This third party loving former governor will delight you as she gets to know third party hating White Jack. Her interracial romantic activities will arouse you too when you buy this book! 108 ....
ISBN: 9781803021010
Published: 27 July 2021
Our public schools are falling apart! Some people despair! But don't you despair as we do have reason for hope! The framers and maintainers of our public schools seriously messed things up, but we offer good news. The liberating alternatives of unschoolin....
ISBN: 9781839459740
Published: 27 May 2021
What inspired you to do weightlifting/core conditioning? When did you start weightlifting/core conditioning? What do you love about weightlifting/core conditioning?Andrew Bushard rejoices that he found weightlifting/core conditioning, so he wrote this poe....
ISBN: 9781803025025
Published: 27 May 2022
Where did you live from '91-'93, and how did your city influence your Alternative Parties Convictions? Andrew Bushard lived in West Des Moines, IA from '91-'93 and West Des Moines, IA influenced his Alternative Parties Convictions. When you have a chance,....
ISBN: 9781803023847
Published: 26 January 2022
Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia reign as today's top websites. Have we reflected enough on them? This work offers poetic reflections about the internet and fame by exploring these five websites.26 pages; 25 poems.
ISBN: 9781839459078
Published: 14 March 2021
"Win Your National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Case, God Willing: A Booklet for Third Party Unionists" leverages Andrew Bushard's experiences and insights to empower you to win. This booklet invites you to reflect on what it takes to a win a NLRB case. T....
ISBN: 9781839458859
Published: 7 April 2021
The universe loves zines, which Wikipedia defines as "small-circulation self-published work[s] of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine."The universe has a law: "Zines rock!"This law compels us to act.So I am doi....
ISBN: 9781803021362
Published: 23 September 2021