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Lisa Edgar Powell was born in England and grew up in the North East. She has been married for sixteen years but counts her anniversary as the date twenty four years ago when they first met. with no interest in fishing whatsoever after a year together she quit her job to temporarily help him in his fishing tackle manufacturing company JRC Products Ltd , and never left. Twelve years later they did what all carp anglers dream of and bought a carp fishing lake in France, then two more,then taking their daughter from the comfort of her life in an English village to become the only child in the town that spoke English. Lisa finally had the chance to put pen to paper to write an account of their unique experience of life in France. After developing a new hobby along the way , she is now writing her second book about life along the waterways of France. Her hobbies include boating , camping (in a motorhome) and walking her very hairy black and white welsh fox hound. She can be found somewhere in Europe, looking for the next adventure.

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Living His Dream is a true life adventure story of Lisa, her husband and ten year old daughter's life in the Champagne region of France. Giving up a successful specialist carp fishing tackle manufacturing business in England, Lisa, her husband and daughte....
ISBN: 9781786976536
Published: 21 January 2017