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Arica En has complied this easy reference book “EVERY NEW PARENT’S GUIDE” consisting of factual useful information with practical tips and solutions, (list in bullets form for easy reading), to overcome most baby’s problems and equip new parents and parents-to-be with better parenting skills. Imagine that you have to spend your precious time surfing the Net for information when you need to know urgently what’s wrong with the little one. It is usually quite daunting not able to get all the full answer in one or two searches when you need most. This book aims to spotlight on all baby-care topics like feeding, sleeping, safety measures, monthly developments from birth to 36 months and many more... This book also guide parents to identify many fearsome rare illnesses like the Zika virus, Kawasaki disease, AFM, HFMD, e-coli infection and many others. Try to grab a copy now for knowledge and as a handy reference guide at your finger-tips – all for your little love one.

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“Every New Parent’s Guide” is a helpful easy-to-understand resource book that new parents can safely trust — a book packed with many tested tips and solutions that new parents would want to know, what to look for and to understand what’s happening when ha....
ISBN: 9781786975317
Published: 2 December 2016