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Hi Tami and all my other readers: I am now writing under the name V.CHATSON. My other book was The LEGEND OF THE SILKIE PEOPLE (Virginia Chatson). See my latest book GHOST BRIDE by V. CHATSON - a fantasy novel with wonderful tracts of magical realism and the drama of Gothic, all woven with the young ghostly Lady Christiana and the stranger Jean-Michel Tisserand. Further books will follow shortly with a trilogy of an unusual sailing vessel. I don't recall a time when I was not writing and probably inherited my love of story-telling through my grandmother who left me spellbound with fables of love, betrayal and completing a quest. All of my books show young people cast in a grown-up world where darkness threatens and in which a choice must be made: they and the reader travel on that journey. Contact: I have been writing in the fantasy adventure genre since I was a small child (without knowing such stories had a label). Now many decades on, my passion has continued using the universal themes of betrayal, loyalty and unrequited love where young people and adults are unwittingly cast to complete a quest. These themes and conflicts that ensue are all explored in this book. My new book GHOST BRIDE under the name V. CHATSON is a dark fantasy of two young people (Christiana and Jean-Michel) whose love is doomed. Amidst the consumer hedonism of the time in the 18th century, an exciting read is promised as we journey with them - caught within the complex and dangerous world of scheming adults, not to mention the undead. Some will help while others will stop at nothing to thwart the couple. regarding my other works in the fantasy adventure genre.

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Fantasy and history are woven throughout this enchanting tale of two young misfits. The year is 1850 and Alexander "Lexie" Marr is a lonely boy who escapes to his private haven on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland. Through the spooky misty gloaming, he....
ISBN: 9781908147035
Published: 5 December 2019