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I have been writing in the fantasy/magical realism adventure genre since I was a small child (without knowing such stories had a label). Now many decades on, my passion has continued. Young people and adults are unwittingly cast to complete a quest which will test their true characters when confronted with the universal themes of betrayal, loyalty and unrequited love. These concerns and conflicts are explored in all of my books. For all my readers who loved my first fantasy novel, (THE LEGEND OF THE SILKIE PEOPLE, Virginia Chatson), the new addition to my family of books under V. CHATSON is THE AVIATOR'S DAUGHTER. It is a time of war when broken-hearted Candisa Blue Starling is sent away from London to the rural countryside of England. This is primarily to escape the bombing by the German Luftwaffe. While most "evacuees" are placed with kind foster parents, Candisa is exploited by her foster mother Nelly Klaw and bullied mercilessly by her tyrannical twins Tarquin and Tarquina. Until one day, she escapes to a mysterious forest. A host of delightful and enchanting characters help the little girl to heal while her quest to see her father fighting in the R.A.F. leads her into the clutches of three sisters. A battle ensues between good and evil, light and darkness that mirrors the war. The reader follows Candisa's journey in her failures and triumphs, not least when adults rise to the ignoble part of human nature. The Maid trilogy, featuring THE DARK EYED ENCHANTRESS, THE ANUKET and THE SEA MAIDEN, recounts a most unusual mermaid at the prow of a ship linking the three books. She has a long history traversing the seven seas but while she enchants she is also merciless. The DARK EYED ENCHANTRESS is the flagship book that brings the reader into the lives of a small coastal community in Cornwall. It is the 18th century when smuggling is rife even with those at the higher strata of society. One individual was in no doubt when he asserted robustly: "I am in the honest business of smuggling." The ordinary fishing community, however, must also resort to contraband in order to supplement their income. Young people are inevitably caught up in the adult world where friendships are forged and betrayals often bring dire consequences. The Maid and the locals are bound by myths and folktales; and especially with those who have a "knowing" of creatures who can beguile sailors and landlubbers. My other book, BENEATH THE MASK under V. CHATSON, is a dark Gothic fantasy of two young people (Christiana and Jean-Michel) whose love is doomed. Amidst the consumer hedonism of the 18th century, an exciting read is promised as we journey with them - caught within the complex and dangerous world of scheming adults, not to mention the "undead." Some will help while others will stop at nothing to thwart the couple. regarding my other works in the fantasy adventure genre.

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1940: at a time of war, heart-broken Candisa is sent from London to live with “Aunt” Nelly Klaw in Green Gander Village. Bullied mercilessly by Nelly’s tyrannical twins, the ten-year old flees into a strange, mysterious forest. Amidst magical realism and ....
ISBN: 9781803027050
Published: 16 December 2022
Fantasy and history are woven throughout this enchanting tale of two young misfits. The year is 1850 and Alexander "Lexie" Marr is a lonely boy who escapes to his private haven on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland. Through the spooky misty gloaming, he....
ISBN: 9781908147035
Published: 5 December 2019