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Since retirement a couple of years ago, I have set about indulging my long time interests in family history and writing. These two hobbies combining to produce various works I have published over the last few years. In 2014 I self-published what to date is believed to be the only biography of Rev Dr Charles Burton (1793-1866) - 'The Reverend Doctor Charles Burton - A biography of Manchester's forgotten man of the cloth'. Continuing the theme of writing about people long-forgotten, I have just completed the preparation of a new edition of long forgotten Victorian author Lydia Helen Burton's first novel 'Bertha Darley or, Life in Her Husband's Curacies,' which was originally published by James Blackwood in 1858. This new edition, for which I have prepared copious notes on the text and contributed an introduction, is due to be published by very soon. Prior to 'Bertha Darley', in 2017 I published, via FeedARead, 'Rambling around Tudeley', an account of a year (1987) spent walking with my daughter around my then home parish in the Weald of Kent. My current project, not long hopefully to come to fruition via FeedARead, is 'The Trial of Joseph Dale', a rather tragic but true story of the life and death of a naive young man who was hanged in 1824 for his part in one of the most brutal murders of the Georgian era.

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This is the first new edition of Lydia Helen Burton’s novel 'Bertha Darley or, Life in Her Husband's Curacies,' since it was first published in 1858. Lydia Burton was born Lydia Rothwell in Manchester in 1823. She married the Reverend Charles Henry Burton....
ISBN: 9781788768191
Published: 19 November 2019
‘Rambling around Tudeley’ is an exploration of the parish of Tudeley-cum-Capel in West Kent. It was written in 1987, a time when there was much pessimism about the state of the English countryside. In that year, author Matthew Wells set about exploring hi....
ISBN: 9781788760256
Published: 4 October 2017
Joseph Dale was brought up within a respectable working class family in Chorlton Row, then on the outskirts of Manchester. He attended church every Sunday with his parents and his brothers and at Sunday School he learnt to read and write and, when old eno....
ISBN: 9781839450587
Published: 4 November 2019