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After years of ignoring my desire to write, from around the age of twelve, I finally took pen to paper literally, and wrote forty thousand words, only to be told by my sons that I would need to put it down into digital format, this opened up a whole new challenge followed by frustration, heightened anxiety and hours, sometimes days of waiting for the damn internet to work! After nine months of nearly loosing my marbles, I finally pressed submit and Blue was no longer mine, the whole world had access to my story and I inevitably had a meltdown with an underlying hint of excitement. I am originally from Liverpool, of which I am extremely proud of, but city life was harsh for a young girl with multiple anxieties, so I retreated to our regular family holiday destination on the Isle of Anglesey where I could have the peace and quite I so longed for. In hindsight, I would of done things differently, but here I still am, aged 49, living with three of my four boys, trying to be a good mum, trying to cope with the daily crap life throws at you and constantly addressing and dealing with my anxiety. I have always had big hopes and dreams, but it is only now I believe they are within my reach. I know most books are received with a divided opinion of love and hate, and I understand not everyone will continue reading my book past the second page if it is not to their liking, I also anticipate negative response, but hope it is a minority. The optimist in me hopes the majority will read between the lines and see that I worked hard to produce this work, and see a lover of mother nature and food, a hopeless romantic and a person who has persevered life's struggles. Life, for some can be extremely difficult, and for others it's a breeze, for those who find it a struggle, for those of you who are lost, I say keep going, strive to make it better and don't give up, no matter what. To give up is not an option, to give up means you pass on a painful sadness to your surviving loved ones that never leaves them. I hope my writings prompt individuals to question life and human motivation. Peace and Love. For every book sold I will donate one pound to Mind, the mental health charity.

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Greif wasn’t pretty, romantic or kind, it was a black ugly desolation. A dark and lonely timeless place with no answers or respite. Grief steals your mind of sense, destroys your soul and physically pains your heart.
ISBN: 9781786979926
Published: 9 September 2017