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I have always thought that to write about oneself can give the impression that the writer must be extremely egocentric. However, if the author shares their life's journey to inspire, encourage and empower the reader, the project can become less for, and about the author, and more for, and about the reader. As an author of 2 books and many articles, I have always tried to write with the reader very much in mind, which is why my style of writing has often been described as very personal and conversational. However, since my book, 'A Pearl and a Blessing' is autobiographical, my biography here will be starkly factual - the total opposte to my normal style of writing. This is because I really do not want to give too much away about the book! I was born in Hornchurch, Essex in 1952 but spent my early childhood and adolescent years growing up in a small Bedfordshire village. I left school at 15 without staying on to take academic qualifications. I did a variety of part time day jobs whilst playing as a semi professional musician in bands most evenings and weekends. During my early twenties, I had a spiritual awakening and an amazing conversion to Christianity which changed the whole course of my life. Between 1977 - 1980, I worked as an Auxilliary Nurse in hospitals for the elderly and as a Care Assistant in various Care Homes. Despite the lack of academic qualifications, I began Nurse training at the Lister hospital, Stevenage in 1980. In 1981, I joined a Christian Community and remained there for 6 years. During my time in this Fellowship I qualified as an RGN and spent a year at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge as a Staff Nurse specialising in Burns and Plastic surgery. In 1986 I attended the Royal Marsden Hospitals in Surrey and London aquiring the Oncology Nursing Certificate. After qualifying, I remained at the Royal Marsden working in the Nurse Specialist Intravenous Team. At the end of September 1987, I became unwell with M.E. and was unable to work for a year. Despite being far from well, I took up the post of Oncology Liaison Sister at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk in September, 1988. In 2001 and despite having no degree or musical qualifications, I was accepted to undertake the M.A. in Music Therapy at a University in Cambridge, successfully qualifying in 2003. I became a self employed Music Therapist and over the next 10 years worked in many Organisations. These included both Childrens and Adult Hospices, Care Homes, Schools, Childrens Centres and one to one sessions in the family home. I retired from work early in 2013. I wrote 'A Pearl and a Blessing' to recount what has been and continues to be, an extraordinary life's journey. Maggie Boon

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A Pearl and a Blessing is the story of my life's journey. From childhood times and village life, through adolescence and beyond and into the world of music. A spiritual awakening altered my path and led me into nurse training, culminating with me eventual....
ISBN: 9781839453380
Published: 17 June 2020
From Faith to Experience describes one woman's journey, and continues on from her first book, 'A Pearl and a Blessing'. She charts her course through perilous territory - from the depths of the valleys and the numerous treks through the wilderness. With t....
ISBN: 9781803020563
Published: 16 July 2021