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Now having moved to the Spiritual realm, it has taken me a while to reflect on my past, with a need to compile a synopsis of my integrity as an Author. Among several Professional careers, I was also appointed an: Independent Expert Analyst by the European Commission as well as a Peer Reviewer for the National Health Service (NHS) UK alongside the Founder and Managing Director for a couple of Limited Companies. I also hold a Patent and other Intellectual Property Rights for which I received several accolades for: Innovation also as an Outstanding Individual & known to Government as a Visionary since 1980's due to my prediction of a disease similar to Alzheimer's which will strike large populations (currently prevalent in 2017). I am passionate about understanding the deeper workings of the Human Body which led me to this channelled book 'Key to Heaven' a unique irrefutable non religious book with facts about what sustains Human Beings; the purpose of our lives as Human beings & much more. Having given this subject much thought,another channelled book is on the way 'Cosmic Man'. Peace to your Mind for Reading this Peace to your Body when your Purchase this Peace to your Spirit for your Intent to observe this Life Style. Stella Hermoine Howell

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'Key to Heaven' is a Complete non-religious channeled book on Secret Ancient Wisdom. This hidden Mystical knowledge empowers you to attain your Highest Spiritual Level according to your Desire & Evolution. The Key has both theory as well as simple practic....
ISBN: 9781786976741
Published: 6 February 2017