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Stephen Skelton is best selling author of Your New Future, Archangels and Demons, The Bella and Burton Misadventures and HALO and has lived and travelled all over the world. Currently based in Japan he is a writer, composer and performing artist. Stephen likes star watching, trekking, playing music, yoga and eating any kind of berry ever grown.

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Life in France isn’t easy for the orphaned Maia Fielding. She’s struggling at her new music school, she has nightmares about her murdered grandfather… and when she thinks her romance with her boyfriend Altair is about to get serious he turns into a demon!....
ISBN: 9781782997719
Published: 7 August 2013
As she searches for the boy from the flower shop, the boy she fell in love with, Alice falls into our mysterious, mystical world that she must save from its own future. Guided by her music teacher, a young boy, an ancient sage, a water seller, a famous co....
ISBN: 9781782995838
Published: 21 June 2013