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Philip RJ Campbell is an upcoming author from a small town just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. A prolific family man who is married with three children. In his spare time he is an artist and writer. Philip has been writing and drawing from a young age fine tuning his craft.

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A Northern Ireland Family.A New Town.An Old Mansion and all that lies within.Mystery and all that lies within.
ISBN: 9781839452895
Published: 6 May 2020
SEX. That's right! This book is about sex! This book is about romance and this book is like no other book you have picked up in your conformist life Set in modern day Belfast, Northern Ireland, a city on the change, a city with new life and a city with a ....
ISBN: 9781786977472
Published: 30 August 2017
Fabulous FairytalesVolume 1Magical fairytales for all the family.Magic, wonder and enchantment told through fairytales and imagination.Come into a magical wonderland for all to enjoy.
ISBN: 9781839456466
Published: 31 December 2020