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Llys y Garn is an ancient mansion riddled with mysteries. What tragedies haunt the abandoned servants’ attics, the derelict great hall, the deep mire in the woods?1884. The Good Servant. Nelly Skeel is the unloved housekeeper whose only focus of affection....
ISBN: 9781788762816
Published: 20 March 2018
Short stories by the author of "A Time For Silence," "Motherlove" and "The Unravelling." Comedies, tragedies and histories.What is the true value of an old teapot? What happened on a quiet day in Gloucestershire? What lies behind the torn wallpaper of an ....
ISBN: 9781786976840
Published: 23 February 2017
Kate Lawrence can sense the shadow of violent death and it’s a curse she longs to escape. But, joining her cousin Sylvia and partner Michael in their mission to restore and revitalise the old mansion of Llys y Garn, she finds herself in a place thick with....
ISBN: 9781788762823
Published: 20 March 2018