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Call me reckless and foolhardy but I set out to write a trilogy. Their are several interesting characters in The Ovisi Gambit which I would like to develop in further stories. The first book is now in print and the storyline for its sequel is well developed. Unfortunately, the third book is still obscured in a mist of uncertainty. Hopefully, by the time I finish the sequel, the mist will have lifted a little. I want these books to follow a simple but well proven formula. After each page, I want the reader to want to read the next page and then the one after that. Most importantly, I don't want them to outguess me and get to the ending before me. I will always welcome your feedback, be it good or not so good. You can post it on this site or leave a message on or contact me by email at

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In 2008, a global financial crisis changed the world. In the years that follow, new alliances are made and protectionism becomes the new world order. The United Nations Assembly debates a proposal designed to destabilise a newly formed oil cartel. This bo....
ISBN: 9781786976857
Published: 23 February 2017