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Welcome to Anthony Hawes for when you read any of my books, you are finding out about me and what makes me tick. I love to write, no matter what the genre; from children's books to adult fiction; from drawing cartoons and political satire; writing poetry with a touch of zen philosophy; it doesn't matter because that is who I am. Anthony Hawes is my pen name and I enjoy the freedom that it allows me, for it is a name that has been in my family three generations ago and so I use it with pride. I am married with no children, but I love to see children laugh and play for they are our future. Political correctness I believe has no place in the world because it stands for all the wrong reason's, yet so saying that, I do not like any sort of discrimination on any grounds; be it age, sex, culture, religion, color or any other of societies misplaced bigoted ideals. Writing is imagination and that is what counts. It can be written badly, the cartoons may not be perfect, the movie we see may be only 'B' grade but what is important is that imagination has come to life and it has been shared with other's. That is how friendships are formed and it's what life is all about. We may not be perfect, but I don't think that I would want to be anyway. Would you? Cheers Anthony Hawe

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Meet Annie and the characters that she meets when she wishes that she was some place other than her own home.Delight in the story as Annie interacts with those that she meets. Some good and others not so good.From wrong footed Centipedes to Dung Beetles; ....
ISBN: 9781781762349
Published: 18 April 2012
Drummed out of the Philadelphia police force for his sexual orientations, Mark Romero did the only thing that was available to him. He resigned as one of the city's top undercover detectives and moved to San Francisco, where he became Miriam, Private Inve....
ISBN: 9781781763117
Published: 10 May 2012