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In an earlier novel (not yet offered for publication) adventurous people in various walks of life reached out into sometimes controversial areas of their professions (alternative medicine, agribusiness, church outreach, etc). Perhaps this resulted from the many years I had previously spent at home in rural Shropshire translating and abstracting foreign language texts (while Elizabeth my wife taught piano in the next room). Working so closely and continuously with what others had written often felt limiting and frustrating. It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that being a person fascinated by space and time I should next reach out there and see what I could see. At first there was a girl in our time who had glimpses of a lone huntsman living on the verge of existence in the stone age; she had a cruel mother who did not want her love. There was the earnest young man from the future who knew all about her, but she did not know how or why. It was as vague as that. Gradually other people, other lives, emerged out of those sketchiest of images, increasingly thrusting themselves into my un-extraordinary retirement existence as we struggled with our garden, or I with a brass band march, or both of us with a myriad common tasks. Somehow, gradually, an almost unbelievable but to my mind moving story materialised out of time, yet one that was actually firmly rooted in outer space. I called it ‘ A Trinity of Ages’. I sometimes feel it has transformed my life as much as it did theirs.

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Approaching 400 years after being set on a hitherto fruitful path to galactic belonging by an alien power (the Lyrians, or the ‘Bods’) that rescued us from the aftereffects of a nuclear conflict, problems are beginning to multiply worldwide. Explosions ar....
ISBN: 9781788762304
Published: 16 February 2018