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it is said of me that I loved to live in my own world. A flare for reading and writing came upon me at a very young age. Once, l got locked up in the school library because of my love for reading stories. In time my parents came to accept my passion for reading books and writing and filled the home library with books. My mother picks papers with my handwriting on. Soon she became my typist. Once at university when l write, my good friend then, used to recite and perform the poems to a varied congregation acknowledging my creative work. In school my taste leaped into poetry. I fell in love with free verse l didn't have to have a rhyming scheme. The words flowed thus l was able to transform my thoughts and events around me into poems. My various occupations came alive with my expressions. Sometimes, l tell myself off ,at other times l tell stories in poetry. My poems carry a lot of my life experiences. it was my hiding place from the world. I come refreshed with the mind of reliving experiences again. Everything l have written about either happened to me or friends or at work. So my biography would probably fill another journal that l would do at another time. My premier book is no fiction but an interacting sequence of events, © OLAJUMOKE ALAGA 2018.

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A collection of poems on common issues we face in life and how we handle them. it addresses the views of the older generation and how they are perceived in modern times. Someone told me she got inspired by the poem 'IT STAYS IN THE PAST' which addresses s....
ISBN: 9781788762755
Published: 9 March 2018