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My name is MICHAEL CONWAY, and SPARROWFOOT.COM is my website. The idea behind this website is to promote short stories some fiction some non-fiction about the world around us. The different aspects of everyday life and the things we take for granted. I write about what I feel or see around us daily, sometimes my mind drifts back in time, and I might recall something of interest from my past. I write for fun and hope you get some pleasure from my stories, if not I apologise and hope you have a beautiful day. I was born in Loughborough more years ago than I care to remember. I started to write purely out of boredom when recovering from surgery some years ago, now I love every minute of it. My first novel was called “Revenge was best served cold” published in 2009. “Angel Dust” published in 2011; was my second novel, “A Question of Honour” my latest is a crime/thriller that has a storyline of drugs, prostitution and corruption. Dealing with the far-reaching consequences of the personnel involved that is drawn into the evil web of easy money and deceit. At present, I am working on my next novel, which I hope will be ready for publishing in the middle of next year. Also, I would like to complete a book of my short stories, which is a work in progress. I have been married to Linda for nearly thirty happy years and have four son and ten grandchildren that keep me busy.

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The year is 2000, they call it Millennium year, it’s the year when all computers will collapse and the Technical world as we know it would finish, how wrong they were.Life is about people, not machines, some are tall some are small, some are fat, some thi....
ISBN: 978D183D94533
Published: 17 June 2020
Sparrowfoot is a composition of short stories that I have written over the years. Most are about nature and wildlife through my eyes in different situations. Some are about life’s experiences, about people that for one reason or another life can be cruel ....
ISBN: 9781786979797
Published: 1 September 2017
Jake Luca is a retired SAS Colonel that is sometimes employed by the British government on covert missions in conjunction with the SAS. Returning from such a mission, Luca learns that his sister Gena had been drugged and brutally raped and has been hospit....
ISBN: 9781788768948
Published: 13 June 2019