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I am mid-thirties male and a first time Author from the United Kingdom. My passion for writing increased tremendously in April 2015, and that led me to release my first ever published book late September 2016. And with many additions to the series yet to come I look forward to giving my idea's their desired form of both e-books and paperbacks. As a lover of dragons and all thing's fantasy fiction, it was only a matter of time before I wrote my idea's down. As time passed by my idea's were thrown together creating a whole world for my character's to live in, and soon I had an entire saga spinning round in my head. So now I have begun my journey telling my fairy tale adventure, and each and every day I become more and more inspired as the adventure grows.

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The realms within Colltalios were chaotic and dangerous, Dragons roamed free to terrorise the cities, villages and towns. But a head strong family under the name of Marchioni had been in power for many generations, and it was they who initiated the War of....
ISBN: 9781788760072
Published: 22 September 2017