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Alison started writing around 2008 when her husband and son were away on holiday. She found herself with lots of free time and an idea for a story, so set off on her literary journey. Having discovered the joys of writing, as she says 'It was so much more fun than reading!' she went on to join the West Kilbride Writers and thereby discovered writing poetry, which she loves. The group tutor introduced sonnets to the class and this became her favourite form of poetry. She says, 'the rigid structure of the sonnet forces the writer to be poetic, and I like that.' Her poems can be humourous or heartfelt, revealing the many facets of our often hidden human nature. A poet and philospher.

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To touch, lift, inspire. To spark imagination, provoke, take you on an epic journey, make you laugh, make you cry. For the love of words or simply for the love of poetry. A collection of beautiful sonnets and poems.
ISBN: 9781788762519
Published: 28 February 2018