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In nineteen fifty seven a new music had burst onto the scene. To the young it was an exciting herald of a new way to live. To their parents the music was a threat to everything they wished to preserve. Our story concerns a sleepy Suffolk town its teenager....
ISBN: 9781784070342
Published: 6 October 2013
The year is 2032 and football has changed. Teams compete on a regional basis in a European Super League. The top four enter a money spinning World Series tournament. But for Eddie Bond, the manager of West Midlands, the name of the game is survival.
ISBN: 9781786979407
Published: 21 August 2017
After being believed dead Jacob Cooper, a man of high principle, returns from France in 1922. Life becomes difficult as he as falsely accused of rape he faces a term in prison, but an old love and a turn of events comes to his rescue.
ISBN: 9781839454929
Published: 30 October 2020
Spud Murphy is a seedy private eye making a living from security and divorces when a young woman employs him to investigate the suicide of her sister. Spud soon finds himself in a web of political cover up and corruption.
ISBN: 9781781767658
Published: 31 January 2013
Solicitors Tony Gates and Mike Chubb make a good living defending human rights cases funded by legal aid. When Mike gets caught up in a child smuggling racket and Tony has his daughter raped and kidnapped by a vengeful client their lives take different tu....
ISBN: 9781786107312
Published: 3 February 2016
Nineteen fifty-seven in a rural Suffolk town. Teenagers dress like their parents, sober clean cut crooners are the trend. Then the order of life is shattered by a new raw primitive music....rock and roll. Young people will never be the same again.
ISBN: 9781786971890
Published: 26 July 2016