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A Strange Kind of Madness is a Romantic Comedy. As a woman of fifty plus life was so simple. Her days revolved around cleaning the house, tartan slippers and an urge to make Gypsy tart. Then came the new neighbours; Barbara with a pedigree cat and a voice....
ISBN: 9781803022093
Published: 11 October 2021
These rhymes will help you smile, may make you giggle, chuckle and, even cringe, but in the end laughter is almost guaranteed.
ISBN: 9781803023205
Published: 13 January 2022
Lucy and Fred have married, but if policeman Fred thinks it is going to be easy, then he is in for a shock. After Lucy gets arrested, for the second time, Fred leaves the marital home, however Lucy has not finished with her unusual lifestyle. She ends up ....
ISBN: 9781803021959
Published: 6 October 2021
Tiller Tales is a boy who loves to explore. On his travels he meets lost tribes, unknown civilisations and uses logic and his own inventions to solve fantastic problems. His story starts when Lotty, the little girl next door insists that her toy fairy has....
ISBN: 9781803023465
Published: 31 January 2022