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Bio I am 35. I am currently writing a full-length novel titled 'Lords Of The Lands.' A fantasy Epic, as well as a second volume of mystical, horrific and fantastic short stories and another poetry collaboration. I am also penning the second chapter of Torell which will be included. My other hobbies includes tinkering with electronics, hacking anything software-wise, fixing computers, reading, listening to any music that has resonance, be it Goth, Rock or Metal or love songs. Coca-cola. Budswiser. Like my book? Please rate it and say why. Loved a chapter? Would like a continuation of that chapter? All you have to do is ask, because in today's age of communication, I am going to take it to the next level. I won't guarantee the world, only try my best, to entertain you. But for that, I need results. You tell me what you loved, or hate, or found sad, -anything-, and I write a continuation. How's that for a deal?

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Can't find the words or express the feeling at the pain of losing to death a loved one? This is a poetry compilation that is dedicated to all the special nana's and Grandmothers of the world.
ISBN: 9781781761755
Published: 3 April 2012