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Anne lives in south Somerset where she enjoys a life filled with opportunities to meet people, visit beautiful places, paint, read, bake cakes, and write. Married to a clergyman, Anne's writing has had to take second place to a great many other things, but John's story had to be told - so 'At A Stroke' was born. Other published work includes a short story: 'The Power of Nurse Rooke' in a Chawton House anthology 'Beguiling Miss Bennet'; another short story 'Mrs Dean's Dilemma' reached 1st place in a BBC competition & was broadcast as a Morning Story. Other works, including illustrated children's books, remain unpublished, but Anne's next project - about the artist who painted John's portraits, is already under way.

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Born in Northampton in 1816, John Durdin aspired to wealth through hard work and astute investment. Drawn to London, with his wife Jane, he mixed with other men of vision: men of letters, artists and scientists. His dream appeared to be coming true – even....
ISBN: 9781788765336
Published: 3 October 2018
Storm clouds gather as John Durdin, deeply embroiled in a huge financial fraud and struggling to avoid discovery, works frantically to cover his tracks. In an atmosphere of secrecy and tension, his wife Jane, and friend William Cave Thomas, await his inev....
ISBN: 9781788765374
Published: 3 October 2018