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Beneath the glowering brows of Donegal hills; Perry McDaid weaves the ancient voices and the skein of Irish mysticism and spirituality upon the breeze into the weird and the wonderful, the heady and the horrific. Being or having been Fiction Editor at Liquid is something of which he continues to be proud. He sees no merit in a self-promoting biography, but prefers each poem, story, and script to speak for him. The collective voice can be deafening.

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A priest, recovering from a breakdown, is introduced to a world he cannot credit: full of strange yet familiar creatures. He has experiences which could be from books, some unimagined, and some he’s afraid to examine closely. Guided by others, he seeks re....
ISBN: 9781784079024
Published: 22 July 2014
If there's a dark day you've had or ever imagined having, it will find company in these short stories. Yet within the tragedy, macabre horror and pathos, there is humour, hope, and the gift of knowing that you are not alone. Enter the bleak and droll worl....
ISBN: 9781784070755
Published: 20 October 2013
A traumatised priest, recovering in a customised seminary, is introduced to a world he cannot credit. The world is full of strange and familiar creatures. He encounters scenarios he has read from books, some he had not imagined, and some he is afraid to e....
ISBN: 9781781763025
Published: 2 May 2012