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I write poetry, short stories and novels. I live in the beautiful Avon valley of Western Australia. My latest novel is Journey from Walara, the second book in the saga of the Hennessy family who live on a sheep station in the north of Western Australia. Danny and Will, the two Hennessy sons, join the Australian forces in WW2.

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Set in Roman Britain in the Emperor Hadrian's reign. Crossroads at Isca is the story of Faine and Marella, two British girls. The nieces of a British chieftain, they are taught in the arts by a runaway Greek slave. When Faine and Marella meet two young Ro....
ISBN: 9781907986925
Published: 1 November 2011
The story of two young Australians and their mates at war, their loves and the girls and family they left behind. It is the beginning of World War Two. Danny and Will Hennessy, the two sons of Jack Hennessy, against their father's wishes, are eager to joi....
ISBN: 9781782993544
Published: 26 April 2013
When Miss Emma Napier assists Abby, her childhood friend, to escape a forced marriage, she didn't expect to meet the attractive and exciting Lord Desborough on their journey to London. His lordship is looking for a wife so he can gain control of his inher....
ISBN: 9781781763841
Published: 15 May 2012
Wind from Danyari is the first book in the saga of the Hennessey family who live on Walara, a sheep station in the Gascoyne district of Western Australia. The book begins in 1712 when the Dutch East Indiaman, the Zuytdorp, is wrecked on the Gascoyne coast....
ISBN: 9781908481894
Published: 1 November 2011