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Shani Solomons Befuddled by technology, but possessed of a Progressive Spirit Published by: Humans Created by: Aliens Inspired by: Cakes Bemused by: Technology Tea: Milk, no sugar: Stirred, not shaken

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Glastonbury. Brighton. Crouch End ...Marion Green is sixty years old and still trying to “find herself”. After losing half her money on a “Manifest Abundance” course and discovering that the “Living in the Now" workshop started the previous week, Marion s....
ISBN: 9781784070458
Published: 6 October 2013
Inspired by the work of Banksy, Last Graffiti Before Motorway finds us in a Great Britain that is just about to be gripped by the throes of a devastating recession. Trying to survive in the rapidly changing economic climate are a seemingly mousey secretar....
ISBN: 9781908147141
Published: 1 November 2011
Mysterious dreams about Ancient Egyptian children have been waking Daniel in the early hours. When other children at his school reveal they have been experiencing identical night time visitors in their own dreams, this leads to an extraordinary discovery ....
ISBN: 9781839450631
Published: 4 November 2019