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Shani Solomons Befuddled by technology, but possessed of a Progressive Spirit Published by: Humans Created by: Aliens Inspired by: Cakes Bemused by: Technology Tea: Milk, no sugar: Stirred, not shaken

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Glastonbury. Brighton. Crouch End ...Marion Green is sixty years old and still trying to “find herself”. After losing half her money on a “Manifest Abundance” course and discovering that the “Living in the Now" workshop started the previous week, Marion s....
ISBN: 9781784070458
Published: 6 October 2013
Inspired by the work of Banksy, Last Graffiti Before Motorway finds us in a Great Britain that is just about to be gripped by the throes of a devastating recession. Trying to survive in the rapidly changing economic climate are a seemingly mousey secretar....
ISBN: 9781908147141
Published: 1 November 2011