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I was born in Gloucestershire and have lived in the county all my life. I grew up surrounded by the myths and legends of "What there might be in the woods"…"What were the things that went "Bump" in the night?"… "Was that really a screech Owl … or something else?" This proved very useful when it came to writing the first book of the Fantasy Trilogy! The son of a Country Blacksmith; I became a Police Officer, and later joined an International Aerospace Company, employed as an Avionics Quality Inspector... so; next time you ride a Boeing 777... relax!... the electrical management system probably has my stamp on it!

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The Garnet was thought to have strong curative powers.As an amulet, it was said to protect and preserve health and honour; cure the wearer of all diseases, and guard him from all perils during the course of a journey.In ancient Egypt, it was called and be....
ISBN: 9781782990574
Published: 12 December 2012
Those who possessed the stone imagined that the flickering spark in its heart was merely a reflection of the light... but Charlotte Mckenna knows otherwise. She is aware that it is the manifestation of the pestilential will of the Dreadful Dark Entity tha....
ISBN: 9781908147165
Published: 1 November 2011